LOTRO Players News Episode 129: Turbine Talks


This week we have a very special show where we read questions and answers from an exclusive Turbine interview.

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Producer’s Letter Scheduled for Monday December 21

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LOTRO Video Highlights: Middle-earth Ghostbusters




  • Healed all three Garth Agarwen instances on my F2P mini, only death… myself.
  • Finally got Mrs Karv to meet the spiders of Mirkwood. She was not amused, but the rest of us sure were!
  • Got my Beorning to Rohan and finally got a warsteed.



  • Helped a formerly evil dwarf get closer to a former dwarf stronghold



  • Skirmished responsibly
  • Dressed my Gladden LM as the evil queen from Snow White…she looks mahvellous!
  • Went epic battling with Teri on Gladden, then we got all dressed up and took care of bad guys in Bree



  • New outfits! For Saryssa the burglar and the Lore-master who came over to Landroval from Silverlode.
  • Yule festival with Axli Shingshing, who is charitably helping folks for his first winter in Frostbluff.
  • Joined Mythgard for some skirmishing, got to show off some yellow-line burg off-healing.



  • On Arkenstone, I ran The Drowned Treasury and am preparing to undertake what I expect will be a very successful raid.
  • Spent a great deal of time in Eregion.
  • Running Storm on Methedras


Talking With Turbine

Talking With Turbine Interview


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