LOTRO Players News Episode 128: Minas Tirith Review


This week we review Minas Tirith and talk about server transfer news.

Game News

No Mounted Combat for Epic Battles Planned

7 Month Transfer Schedule Announced

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Minas Tirith Review


Andang – B

Karvett – pending judgement

Maven – A

Pineleaf – B

Teriadwyn – B


Average – B

Update 17 Review Poll


New Player Question

What do you do with the currency cap when you’re not a VIP player?





  • Met Horn’s father
  • Went down down to Goblin Town
  • Bingo leveling stream with Pine and Teri



  • Teach the Dunlendings in Tal Methadras how to fight.  Oh Yeah? I hit things with my club and then I get mad… and turn into a bear.  Copy that!
  • Healed all three Garth Agarwen instances on my F2P mini, only death… myself.
  • Finally got Mrs Karv to meet the spiders of Mirkwood. She was not amused, but the rest of us sure were!



  • Went to a deserted Goblintown to find a dead dwarf
  • Started my minstrel on the Narsil quest to prep for doing Tomb of Elendil with Gryfflet in January
  • Ran through a school, a library, a hobbit town and a ruin with a bunch of bats



  • Led the Academy field trip through Urugarth: nobody got lost, and we had only one party member die.
  • Led the way through some Mirkwood questing, mostly without getting lost.
  • Played LOTRO Paper Dolls and made a new outfit for Teriadwyn; also re-outfitted Dangsong.



  • Ran Survival: Barrow Downs and Storm on Methedras
  • Ran quests in Minas Tirith
  • Apparently had an easier time finding dead dwarves than some other people.



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Featured Comments

Immortan of Evernight left a comment on the mounted combat epic battle news story:

“I’ve always enjoyed mounted combat and find it fun although I know a lot of players would disagree. Mounted combat as much as I find it enjoyable in some cases a Epic Battle is not one of them. That being said I would like to see them maybe do a public instance. The Northern and Southern Rammas dailies are pretty fun when you group up. I’ve been in groups where a player will mount up and pull a bunch of mobs to us making it go a lot quicker. That’s what kinda gave me the idea for a public instance option. I think it would fun but new hardware would definitely be needed to help with lag. Whatever they have planned I hope it’s epic.

P.S. – Up with Bears, Teri”


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  1. Barnabras /

    I was listening very intently to the podcast today. I noticed that Andang has left an easter egg in the podcast. He very specificly says “Through the Palantir” during a discussion of the epic story line. Does this mean the EPIC return of Through the Panaltir Podcast? I think the evidence is overwhelming. I await the creep roundtable.

  2. Tosaf of Landroval (formally of Silverlode) /

    Actually, I must give the update an F. It is the only update that made the game totally unplayable. I was crashing every 10 minutes, and I have a GOOD machine. I would play for about 30 minutes and then give up after 3 -5 crashes. Its a bit better after the 17.x updates but its still happening.

  3. The new Starbucks battles are just 20 minute cut scenes. Put one of the heroes on /follow and you’ll still win every time (including some side quests).

  4. Check your PMs, Andang. 😛

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