7 Month Transfer Schedule Announced


Today on the forums Vyvyanne announced a 7 month free transfer plan for the remaining worlds.

“We will also be offering Free transfers between remaining worlds following the below schedule.
• Dec 7th- Jan 3rd: Arkenstone & Gwaihir
• Jan 4th- 10th: Landroval & Belegaer
• Jan 11th- 17th: Crickhollow & Sirannon
• Jan 18th- Jan 24th: Gladden & Laurelin
• Jan 25th- Feb 29th: Brandywine & Evernight
• March 1st- 31st: Arkenstone & Gwaihir
• April 1st – May 1st: Landroval & Belegaer
• May 2nd- May 31st: Crickhollow & Sirannon
• June 1st- 30th: Gladden & Laurelin”

This schedule shows that each server will have a week and then a month to transfer to another of the open worlds.

Vyvyanne also announced closing worlds will permanently close on Monday, April 4th in 2016.  Once again, characters will remain available for transfer to open worlds long after the closing worlds close.

Vyvyanne mentions in another post that the servers should be upgrading to the new data center after the New Years holiday.

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  1. Just hope your transfer works with the wizard. Cos if it doesn’t, expect a week+ wait for accounts to respond to you

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