Poll: How Would You Rate the Minas Tirith Update?


How would you rate the Minas Tirith update?

How would you rate the Minas Tirith update?

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  1. Barnabras /

    Gave it a B, would have been an A if it wasn’t for those bad fetch quests in MT.

  2. Gave it a C (I assume the best note is A, we use another system…) because of super boring and long Forlong quest line and massive lag in MT (even when walking inside buildings, that never happened before…)

  3. For me this is the best update ever. So an A. True, the Forlong quest was too long, but what the Mordor! The quest (forgot the name) with the boy and his mum made up for that 🙂

  4. Really hard to evaluate. They made MT much better then I thought. They put lot of work in making some new sculptuers, many interesting interiors (taverns, lore house, healing house and many other).

    But questlines in the city are terrible, For me really worst group of quests ever added to the game. We were again errand boys, we had to travel long distance to talk to guy and come back (putting some NPC and places on the edges of longest city tiers is terrible idea). After so many years developers should know that people hate it. There should be at least swift travel horse at Merry Swan, riding there so many times just makes terrible questline even worse.

    [small spoiler!!]

    From the other side they had briliiant idea with the Denethors vision. I was wondering how they make it possible for us to be in all places during the battle. Now I know. Was really good idea IMO. I suppose that in U18 we will go to find Rohirrims and prolly in U19 we somehow join Aragorn force,

    With such mix of terrible and brilliant things I think C is the only just note. Although I feel like being not harsh enough for Turbine every time I think about quests inside MT. They need to be remake ASAP,

    • Saintjoan777 /

      I think that the purpose of all the errand boy/girl type quests in Minis Tirith, was to get everyone to see the entire city and get to know their way around. There is so many beautiful structures in Minis Tirith that we would or may not get to see, if we weren’t sent there. My personal favorite, is the Lore House. Amazing artwork.

      • Still could have been made much better without coming back dozen or so times to one tavern and being a servant who brings cheese for lords. One story (for example chasing Whithered Tree people or some agent of Mordor) that leads us through all important places with some interesting sidequests (not find 10 chests with clothes or feed nine horses ).,

  5. I agree entirely with the above comments. The design of MT itself is super annoying, and I am guessing designed to get you to use/buy tokens, therefore making money.

    • Southy /

      I really believe the design was pretty spot on the books. It was difficult to negotiate around because basically that was the way Gondor designed it (better for the defense of each level). Once you learned to use the horse that was under the spire for each section to return to the 1st tier it was quite easy to just take a quick horse to each appropriate tier. About as easy as they could make it imho. The only real places that were a pain were the ones where you had quests that took you to the far extreme ends of the city. Or perhaps I’m just more patient than you are.

  6. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    Gave it A 😀 Minas Tirith is just to epic for any cons ;D

  7. Tirian /

    Would have been a A/B, but the lack of end game with this update, and the fact that it has very limited ‘replay-ability’ means I unfortunately have to give it a C, although if I was rating based upon world building and the epic story, then it’d be an A.

  8. Southy /

    I gave it a B. If the Forlong quest chain didn’t take so long AND there were actual uses for zircon shards I would had easily given it an A.

  9. cardolen - Laurelin /

    no instances? how could it be a good update ?!?!?!?

  10. I gave it a C because of Minas Tirith quests, the excessive grind, bugged/not very well designed epic battles. The reason why I didn’t give rate it a D is because of the epic quests and the amount of work the world team must have done to create a city as big and epic as Minas Tirith. I really commend MoL for his creativity of making us be able to have the perspective of the battle from the walls of Minas Tirith and then later on (U18) from the perspective of the Rohirrim. For what killed this update the most was the grind and the awful legacy changes starting from tier 35. On top of that you have the non epic quests from Minas Tirith and several side quests from the new epic battles that are not very well designed.

  11. A solid B+ It’s heartening to see this game turn around after the post-Rohan crash.

  12. Daantje /

    For me this was one of the worst updats ever. No challebging content, few book quests, boring landscape and deeds design, the only thing positive was the amount of detail put into minas tirith, which was beyond my expectations. But as an update impossible for an mmo in the year 2015. Therefore a D

  13. Thraorin /

    Speaking of crashes…that’s my main gripe with this update: if you run on higher graphics settings the game runs out of address space so quickly in and around MT it’s ridiculous.
    This absolutely must not become the next Draigoch neverending bug story.
    Epic questline: awesome, MT (when not crashing): awesome, quests aside from that: mixed bag, as were the BBs (Pelargir remains the best of the bunch). Not too fond of the continuing grind either.

    All in all for now a “C”.

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