The Ninny Hammers Perform – Merry Christmas Mr Lawerence.


News from the Ninny’s:


The Ninny Hammers have been steadily growing their audience on Landroval, and have entered our application to play at Winterstock 2016!

I would like to thank those musicians who lend me their support each week and invite others to consider joining our small band of jolly merry makers!

An Announcement!

Over on Evernight we have been experimenting with our format, our main goal is to encourage others on the server to join in with Musical Events. We welcome those who wish to role play but in the same breath we also welcome those who are there to enjoy the music and good company.



So, with the help of Star Light, The Orange Lodge and Murphy Dainson – I would like to announce that on Evernight from this week on The Ninny Hammers will be hosting a Battle of the Bands event, where musicians meet up at Pierson’s Farm, South Bree, (Just a bit further than Bree Skirmish Camp) to have a “Song Off”.

All Bands are welcome, as are Solo Performers, Just grab a place in the circle and let Liligold (Lilikate’s Minstral Cousin) know via /Say or a /Tell that you wish to join the fun. We play in a Clockwise order always starting with the Host Band. So lets see which musical groups out there want to accept this challenge – 🙂

This Weeks Song!

Christmas is upon us soon and as we are now in December Days those Yule Tide songs deserve an airing! This week The Ninny Hammers perform this delicate song from Ryuichi Sakamoto and featured in a film of the same title.

For those who can’t see the soundcloud image/link here you can download from my Dropbox the MP3 of the file:-

LOTRO’d: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence – Ryuichi Sakamoto.

See you next week!



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