Poems of the Pine: Daughter of Strife


Pinesong on Stage

Will we be able to destroy the ring we have captured?

Book 15 – Daughter of Strife

Amarthiel was freed
From the mastering ring
And was named once more
Narmaleth the elf.
Yet what could we do
And where could we go
To save the land
From the lash of Angmar?
One hope remained
To heal the north
And drive out the darknesss
The dwelt in Angmar.
We thus retrieved
The trusty blade
That stabbed the wraith
On the stairs of the keep.
Yet first we found
At a fiery lake
Mordrambor who kept
The cruel ring.
When we fell our foe
Narm flung the ring
Into the pool of fire
To free her mine.
Yet Mordirith remained
In the maze of fear
So deeper we went
To defeat the wraith.
He summoned the visions
Of Sara and more
To make us despair
With madness and grief.
Our strength did stand
And we stilled the visions
So our foe did come
To fight our group.
Then when all seemed lost
Laerdan’s daughter
Spent her strength
To strike the blow.
Our foe is defeated
And the foulness cleansed
The crown of iron has collapsed.
Yet a price must be paid
To purge the filth
So Narmaleth’s spirit was spent.

We thus conclude the first volume of the epic story. This series will return at the start of the new year when we head into the depths of Moria.

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