LOTRO Players News Episode 126: In Andang’s Absence


This week I was with my family for Thanksgiving so I don’t know what the other hosts talked about but I am sure it was great.  Check the notes below for details on this week’s topics.

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New Player Question

Is a relic removal scroll useful? If so, how should I use it?





  • RK is at level 70 and she’s running around Enedwaith while chatting with the Rangers
  • Maevenn the Hunter is just under lvl 50 and standing in Echad Dunnan at the start of the Volume 2 epic (inspired by Teri to master Moria and thinking about doing a Maevenn Does Moria stream, but not sure watching me get lost and falling off stuff will be all that interesting)
  • Glordriel the Hunter hung out with some old war veterans and chatted with Boromir/Faramir’s governess in Minas Tirith



  • Ran Skoomfil… the refuse pile of rotting flesh in the bowels of Moria.
  • Enjoyed playing around in the Scuttledells and Gondamon with Ara & Bekah. Beorning is up to 60 in about halfway through Mirkwood epic.
  • Was reminded that Free 2 Play accounts are indeed limited in the creature comforts like sending money and swift travel.



  • Learned how to be a ninja
  • Fun with Dwarrowdelfian friends! (Elda & David)
  • Allllmost got my warsteed! Aratiny’s lvl 71 now, finished Enedwaith and ready for a mounted Epic charge through Rohan 🙂



  • Sunday stream: Other champion (Alladhan) went through the Moria prologue without side-quests, is now helping useless dwarves in Moria.
  • Burglar Saryssa is working her way through old Volume 1 quests to get that bit of the epic wrapped up.
  • A friend from Twitch made new 1st-age bow for Alistriel, also some better gear so she’s less squishy.



  • Arkenstone warden helped a kin mate in the defense of Minas Tirith.
  • Started my main character Minas Tirith and spent a bit of time in an Icy Crevasse and trying to survive the Barrow Downs.
  • My Beorning finished up in the Norcrofts.


Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of The Watcher?



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Barnabras writes:

“Hullo Lotro Players,

I have a question to pose to the team.  Since players need a place to use their max gear, and there are no more raids in Lotro, do you think that PvMP is the new endgame?  And if that is the case, wouldn’t it be wise for Lotro to spend more development time in polishing PvMP?  I know for myself, as soon as I’m done with new content I am back serving the Tyrants.


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