Poems of the Pine: The Ring-forges of Eregion


Pinesong on Stage

Will we be able to destroy the ring we have captured?

Book 14 – The Ring-forges of Eregion

We have the ring
That was riven in two
Which must be melted
In the moldering forges.
Before we went,
To the west we were sent
To prepare for the road
To where the rings were made.
Yet this was a trick
To make us travel far
So Laerdan could leave
Alone to the south.
He sought to repair
The powerful ring
In hopes to restore
His estranged daughter.
We sought to learn
The lore of the rings
And found that the fires
Of the forge would need
The bellows of old
To breathe on the flames
And a tool to shape
The terrible ring.
A step behind
We stayed in our quest
And Angmar was first
To find the tools
We then headed south
To the heart of the forges
To stop Amarthiel
From making the ring.
We fought through the forges
And found at the heart
That Amarthiel remade
Her malevolent ring.
Yet just as she raised
A jubilant shout
Mordirith returned
As the master of the north.
Mordirith was strong
And struck down his rival
And the ring was ripped from her hand.
Laerdan was killed –
A loss that freed
Narmaleth from the need of Narchuil.

Next time, it is time to return to Angmar and finish our quest.

Pineleaf Needles

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