LOTRO Players News Episode 125: Kill All the Things


This week we talk about a ton of great site articles.

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Small LOTRO Adventures Episode 35

Data Center Testing – Bullroarer Test Server

LOTRO Video Highlights: Beyond the Infinite Mind

Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Ford of Bruinen

The Family Line Part 68

The Ninny Hammers Perform — Libiamo, ne’lieti calici [Drinking Song]

Lonely Mountain Band Song Giveaway

New Chapters of There and Back Again Discovered – A critters journey

Poems of the Pine: The Frozen Land

Brax’s memorial pick of the week:  Middle-earth Lore Parody – Light the Beacons


New Player Question

What does “shared spawn table” mean and why does that matter?





  • Epics and Enedwaith Exploration on Aratiny – 8 levels this week! Level 68 and gettin’ some healing experience too 🙂



  • My LM Dresedin and his lynx Myster took my lvl 46 hunter Maevenn to complete her first round of lvl 50 class quests (the big bear in the Misties and the big warg in Angmar). Pretty significant given what a wuss Glordriel was (she didn’t do those till she was comfortably over level). I owe it all to LPN.
  • (and one more thing because I was gone last week and it’s my birthday) Was in Gryfflet’s posse for the second two Fornost instances; ending up locking Gryfflet out of a boss fight because he was busy looking at architecture.



  • Experienced a major sewage backup in Bree.



  • Hunter Alistriel finished Volume 3 of the epic story and then hit level 100 while running around Fangorn with Glordriel. Second character to reach level cap!



  • I helped Bingo “help” a dwarf pirate



  • Ran in a rather hectic Mythgard skirmish session with Protectors of Thangûlhad. I was at a higher level than the rest so I spent the bulk of the skirmish acting a the ballista crew.



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