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Plenty of battles and skirmishes went unnoticed. Not all tales were so influential that they made it into the Red book. Dwarves, elves, humans and hobbits all had their part in the Great war. But the critters of Middle Earth went by unseen and unheard. So far. In the depths of the library of Minas Tirith a secret room has been uncovered. Illustrations and notes have been found detailling the previous unknown legends of the Sandsons farm and a chicken named George.

Who knows what crittery tales lay down in that room. From here on out follows a retelling of the Critters journey that took part in their own Great war.

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The Chicken play quests have passed and George the chicken is trying to get other (cosmetic) pets to join his fight. This time the stakes are higher since all of Middle earth is under attack from things fouler then wolfs. And George can’t let that go.

Searching for old helpers and getting that critterarmy ready for the battles ahead

What is this sandsons farm and chicken quest? What happened to George?

The quest has been in lotro for all of it’s online life. Like many small bits of lotro it never got extended beyond the first years quests. And for a long time only loremasters had the privilege of a tiny companion to travel the world with. That was until recently. New parts have been made accesible to the chickens and lots of cosmetic pets have been added through different updates. With those two things combined and a little late night chickenplay travels from my kin Wisdom of the valar (for now Snowbourn) came the fruits of the random thoughts; What happened to George? Was George the only animal that searched for help and if so what happened to them all?

Without giving away too many spoilers and turning this into a chickenplay guide. I’ll refer to the eggscelent chickenplay guide below.

Elves, Men, Dwarves, and Hobbits are not the only free peoples of Middle-Earth struggling against the forces of evil. The chickens are fighting the good fight too! Billina the hen and George the rooster from Sampson’s Farm are well aware of the shadow threatening the Shire, and are determined to do their part to help. You can assist them… as a chicken!

Chicken play guide is Rozalinde of the Concerning Hobbits kinship, on the Landroval sever.

Comments and suggestions

The first few parts have been tweaked and tested with a few readers. But if you got any suggestions or tips please let me know in the comments. From text, visual, readabilty, story telling etc. There is always room for improvement.


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