Poems of the Pine: The Frozen Land


Pinesong on Stage

The weather gets a bit chillier.

Book 13 – The Frozen Land

Frigid Forochel
The frozen waste
Was a place where ice
Paralyzed the ground.
We spoke with Lassi
Of the Lossoth race
To learn what news
Would to Narquil lead.
We faced three tasks
To test our worth:
Strength and stamina
So we could stay alive,
Plus wisdom to show
The way to survive.
To make us ready
For Mordrambor’s wrath.
From a seer named Saija
We sought advice
That led to a ship
That was shattered in ice.
There Arvedui, the king
That left vacant the throne,
Haunted the shore
Of the shivering bay.
We followed the trail
To a frozen cave
Where an elf had sheltered
After his ship’s demise.
Yet Angmar’s agents
Were able to stay
A step ahead
In our hopeless quest.
We faced our foe
On a floor of ice
As Saija the seer transformed.
A new master had Modrambor,
So Amarthiel he fought
As we plucked the precious Narquil.

Next time, we see the ancient ring-forges.

Pineleaf Needles

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