Data Center Testing – Bullroarer Test Server


My experience in participating in the datacenter testing was frustrating at times.  In October when Turbine put out the call to for as many players as possible to help test the new datacenter I decided to participate. First, downloading the Bullroarer client was a long process especially with all the updates it had to do. Once that was done I thought I was set so I copied my toon over and waited for event day. When it was time to log in on event day there was still more updates to be done. I spent the whole time either sitting through an update or trying to get onto the server. I never got onto the server.

In November I participated again this time no updates needed to be done but the server kept crashing. I was lucky this time in that I did get onto the server for about 2 minutes before the world went down again.

I could have complained about not being able to get onto the server but I look at this way even if you as a player participated and never got onto the server you were still helping Turbine to document the issues they needed to know about.

So, the one thing I learned from the whole thing is to have some patience especially when participating in something like the datacenter testing.


  1. Thimbur /

    Yes I didn’t get on for long, when I could get on, in either test. Didn’t see any Balrogs or anything, either. Did get a free lifetime out of the second one though. Which was nice. 🙂

    • Yeah, I didn’t get see Balrogs either. That’s great about the free lifetime. I got 100 tp both times. 🙂

  2. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    I went 2nd time, was a bit laggy for me at bree 😀 (My pc fault)
    Server restarted a few times but idd we helped in what we could! Hopefully was helpful 🙂

    • I never got to Bree. It was a bit laggy near the forsaken inn as well. I agree with you about hopefully being helpful. 🙂

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