LOTRO Players News Episode 124: Ashen Waves of Grain


This week we talk about more server news and community events.

Game News

New Servers Postponed – Transfers Open Again

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Free Sample Of The Week November 13th – 19th

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Weekend Special: Buy the Steed of the Citadel Guard and get the Steed of Minas Ithil free!

LOTRO Players News

Community Events November 13th – 19th

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 5: Imperial Orc Nerds

What Are You Looking Forward to Towards the End of LOTRO?

Small LOTRO Adventures Episode 33

LOTRO Video Highlights: Tower of Orthanc

The Family Line Part 67

Lilikate Sings – Royals by Lorde

The House of Beorn Chapter 13

Poems of the Pine: The Ashen Wastes





  • Helped Bingo find a terrible peer to review his manuscript
  • Forochel Bingo Leveling Stream
  • Finished Minas Tirith
    • Tried to create Ninja Turtles by taking adventurous children into a Minas Tirith sewer
    • Vol IV is now my favorite by far!



  • Skirmed with Karv … Beornings are nuts
  • Lvl 60 on Aratiny (Minstrel)! Yayyy!
  • Lvl 60 on Arathairt (Hunter)! Yayyy!



  • Skirmed with Ara … Beornings are comfortable in hairy situations.
  • Left Moria, began Mirkwood on my Tuesday Karv n’ Company
  • Inopae found that Slayer Deed accelerators accidentally clicked in Haudh Iarchith means 30 min of unintentional deeding.



  • Managed to get TWO characters the heck out of Moria (Saryssa the burg and challenge mini Cymrywen), celebrated by making a new outfit for the mini.
  • Successfully led the Academy field trip through Redhorn Lodes questing.
  • Hunter Alistriel is questing in Western Rohan, achieved Kindred with the Eorlingas and is up to level 92!



  • Transferred my warden on Nimrodel to Brandywine. To celebrate this, I finally got around to completing Volume 2 and running the first book of Volume 3 to unlock the last of the remaining skirmishes.
  • While running Bingo Boffin this week, I determined that you cannot complete a certain part of the latest quest by running a certain skirmish.
  • On my video series Beorning, I gained my war steed.


News Beyond LOTRO

40 Minute Tolkien Interview – 1965

Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Gimli?


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Featured Comments

The Dwarrow Scholar left a comment on What Are You Looking Forward to Towards the End of LOTRO?

Erebor and the battle of Dale, and I don’t mean in an instance like the one we have now. There is so much they can do with that… Just imagine thousands of Easterlings storming Erebor and you fighting along side Dain. The amount of quests they could come up with in the lead up for that would merit a full region (Erebor, Dale, Long lake, Northern Mirkwood) I for one would gladly pay for such a region and for once I would NOT object to running all over the place to help out with silly errands.


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    Andang leaving Landy moors? What, what, whaaaaaaaaat? I can’t believe it. Some little corner of Lotro will die that day.

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