A Tour Through LOTRO


What is your favorite area in LOTRO? Let me know in the comments below.

Mine is Rivendell in Eriador.


  1. The view from Wyrm-Father’s platform over Entwash Vale, with the Norcrofts (left), Eaworth City (middle), Fangorn Forest (right) and the Entwash River.

  2. B. K. Oxley (binkley) /

    Echad Candelleth or the Shire.

  3. There are so many great areas, but mäybe north downs, lothlorien and moria

  4. Can’t choose one as my most favourite
    I specially like Shire, North Downs, Eregion and Moria but also Evendim, Enedwaith, Dunland, Forochel, Misty Mountains, Rohans. I think I would also like Lossarnach and Ithilien if not Dawnless Day

  5. Although I am a huge fan of Minas Tirith (and not just because it’s new), My alltime favorite area is Bree-town. I just L O V E Bree!

    • Yeah! Beer and Bree … ^^ But there are so many other great locations; maybe the next question should be: “What is your most hated area in LOTRO? Let me know in the comments below. Mine is Moria (giant halls, but too confusing, and the maps are full of mistakes).” :o)

  6. I need to agree with Goblinbane with this one…Can’t choose just one. Each area has something that separates it from the others. From Bree-Land where there is just a hint of danger in the air as one starts out. Angmar where the dread is always around you and you can’t escape the feeling. The snowy land of the Misty Mountains as the snow crunches under foot as you ride or run through it. Rohan’s open fields with brush and wild flowers and lets not forget cliffs where newbie war steeds take a tumble off the edge. Just can’t get enough.

  7. It’s hard to choose. I love all the starter areas, I love Evendim, Dunland, Rivendell, Lothlorian, Minas Tirith…There’s too many choose! Many places have their own unique charm and if I could (without risk of a wall of text or spamming), I’d name what I loved about every single area of Middle Earth in LotRO.

  8. Travarin /

    I’d have to say the north downs and mirkwood. Although I really liked every area, those two just stuck out for some reason. It would be nice of we could get northern mirkwood, because the darkness in southern mirkwood was amazing.

  9. balmrog /

    Falathlorn and the view towards Duillond or toward the Shire from the river banks

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