Calling For Poll Ideas


I have finally run out of poll ideas and need your help!  “Help me, audience.  You’re my only hope (token).”

Please leave a comment below letting me know your new poll ideas.  Feel free to include multiple ideas and the possible answers for each.

Note: Your idea might be modified.  You will receive a mention in the related article if your poll gets chosen.


  1. Bellcaunion /

    If you were to live in LOTRO where would you live?
    A list of all the major places would be the answers.

    Will Down with Bears ever be and episode title?
    Yes, No, Maybe, Huh?, Up with bears are you kidding

    During the recent beta events how far were you able to log into the game?
    Couldn’t make it past the launcher, Character load screen, In game but kicked right back out, In all the way it was awesome, Event what event.

    Which server do you think will become the biggest at the end of transfers?
    List of servers and one What transfers?

    Should there be more cosmetic options in Lotro?
    Yes I could look better, No I already look awesome I didn’t know there were any cosmetic options

    Who looks the most tired during Tales of the Free Folk?
    List of you guys.

    What do you think Pineleaf looks like?
    He is an Adonis. He’s a normal dude, Pineleaf has no physical form. (unless he is shirtless with dolphins)

    The last two are more of a joke really.

    • Barnabras /

      Pineleaf has no physical form, yet. He is only a nebulus cloud of logic.

  2. I’m curious about how many people are aware of the roving threats of Eriador. I saw a few people in world chat this weekend announcing they found a big scary dude with an arch nemesis nameplate while they were levelling in places like North Downs or Angmar – and they either got one shot when they attacked it, or they were requesting some level 100s to come save them from it.

    For convenience, I wish they could be soloed. You can get a first age level 100 legendary if you kill enough of them. But, on the other hand they seem a lot more epic and dangerous by needing a group.

    So my questions would be:
    Have you hunted Roving Threats in Eriador? Yes/No/What are Roving Threats?
    What do you think is the best group size for eliminating Roving Threats? 24/12/6/3/Solo

  3. Barnabras /

    What race do you play the most?

  4. As once I won here awsome reward I decided to spend some time and propose a decent number of polls, I hope you will like some of them.

    How would you rate Update 17 (where 1 is worst and 6 is best note).



    Do you like imbued weapones?

    I hate it. Too much grind
    I don’t like it, because I lost legacies I liked
    I like it in general, but there should be less grind
    I like it


    What do you think about 2 new Epic Battles (Defence of Minas Tirith) and Hammer of the Underworld)

    I hate epic battles
    They are better then in HD and Pelargir
    They are worse then in HD and Pelargir
    I haven’t played them yet
    As good as previous


    What is better: Osgiliath instances or Minast Tirith epic battles

    Minast Tirith epic battles are better
    Osgiliath instances are better
    Both are bad
    Both are awsome


    Do you want in next updates new instances or new Epic battles?

    No more epic battles
    Yes, give me more epic battles
    I want some good instances
    We need new 12-man raid!


    Are you going to make all deeds in Anorien to get that 1 trait point as a reward?

    I always do all deeds
    Go to hell, not even for 10 trait points!
    I will try, but it will take ages
    There is trait point for all deeds?


    What do you like most in Lotro?

    Epic battles
    Playing music
    Talking on world chat


    Do you think that Lotro is pay to win?

    No, not at all,
    Yes, it is terrible pay to win
    There are some elements of pay to win, but not so strong
    Yes it is, but I do not care. Developers deserve to make money for their wages
    What is pay to win?


    Do you think that closing 17 worlds was good idea?

    Yes, population on some was much too low.
    No, I liked small worlds
    Yes, but they are closing much too many worlds.
    I will wait for new hardware with my opinion
    Yes, and they should close even more


    Which MMORPG do you play except for Lotro

    Age of Conan
    Star Trek Online
    Guild Wars 2
    Other RPG
    Other MMO but it is not RPG
    I play only Lotro


    What do you think about questline with Forlong the Fat?

    It was terrible. Worst ever in the Lotro.
    It was awsome. I want more
    it was bad, but there were worse in the past
    I am not strong enough to finish it
    I haven’t started it so far
    I am afraid to enter Merry Swan tavern


    Do you want level cap raise in 2016

    Yes, to 105
    Yes, to 110
    Not in 2016, but in future would be nice
    I want to stay on 100 for ever. Characters should advance only by getting more LI levels and better armors.
    Please, no more grind! I still have to level many classes


    Do you think 2015 was good for Lotro

    Worst year ever
    Better then 2014, but still pretty bad
    Best year ever
    Better then I thought
    Worse then I thought

  5. Travarin /

    What region outside of the main storyline would you want to see most?
    Rhun, Harad, Forodwaith, Minhiriath, other

  6. probably too long to list them all, but picking from a list of your favorite in-game beers would be fun. I don’t know if such a list is easily and readily available.

    Ditto on favorite leaf variety and tie it into the emote that goes with it.

    Which is better? Ale Association or Inn League?

  7. Kingtag /

    Hmm… How about:
    1. What is your favorite part in the Lord of the Rings books?
    The characters.
    The story.
    The setting.
    There were books?
    2.What is your favorite part of the Epic Quest Line?
    The battles.
    The story.
    How it fits into the lore.
    I hate the Epic Quest Line.
    There’s more, but they’re too many to list.

  8. Are the performance issues in the new area affecting your enjoyment of Minas Tirith?

    Yes- I’m crashing somewhat regularly
    Yes- I’m not crashing, but movement is slow and annoying
    No- I haven’t noticed anything different
    No- I haven’t made it to MT yet.

  9. How many times have you crashed a day since Update 17:
    0+ yeah right. We will let you know when you can play again.
    1-2 Must be running on Low details
    3-5 Ok So you like some details in your characters
    6+ Good machine capable of running LOTRO on the highest settings until U17.

  10. Flosiin /

    Would you like War goats added to the game as an alternative to war steeds?

    Would you be interestested in playing an instance called “The One Pie.”? 3 man instance in a dream. In a hobbits dream…er nightmare, the goblins have taken off with “The One Pie!” A 20 foot pie made of the finest ingredients made from the Shire. Help the get it back!

  11. Should LOTRO Players make a series of class round-tables like CStM did?
    1) No
    2) Yes
    3) Yes, but only if Pineleaf agrees to limit the time he spends talking about the warden to no more than 4 hours.
    4) Yes, but only if champions agree not to make disparaging jokes about hunters.
    5) Yes, but only if hunters agree not to make disparaging jokes about champions.

  12. Kaleigh Starshine /

    Which of the 10 classes is most in need of a rebalancing, particularly with regard to group content?

    – Hint: It starts with a ‘B’ 🙂

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