Lilikate Sings – Royals by Lorde.


Hello LOTRO Players,

The Ninny Hammers perform Royals by Lorde.

This time with some pictures!

The Ninny Hammers are recruiting! We’d welcome guest and permanent members to our band.

We perform every Saturday on Bree Stage

Landroval 2.00pm EST


Evernight 4.00pm EST or 9.00 GMT – Also on Evernight the Ninny Hammers break their performance to welcome others to give a song on stage. (Closing time of Evernight event is 6.00pm EST or 11.00pm GMT).


For those on Evernight:- You may need help with finding us in all the layers – Send a tell to Lilikate or Liligold, I’ll invite you into our band fellowship. Then all you need do is click on the layers icon to be transported to our event.



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  1. Love the Lorde song 🙂 I will certainly be there at Evernight (if RL doesn’t prevent me to go). And I will put the announcement on our kinsite and my blog!


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