LOTRO Players News Episode 123: Director of Chicken Operations


This week we talk about kinships and site news.

Game News

New Server Tech — Beta Test 2

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week November 6th – 12th

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  • Milestone Skills
  • Hurried, Returning and Expedient Traveller
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LOTRO Players News

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 5 Prologue

Poll: Will You Buy The Update 17 Quest Pack?

The Family Line Part 66

LOTRO Video Highlights: Don’t Be Late to a LOTRO Raid

The Ninny Hammers Perform — It’s Raining Men

Poems of the Pine: Prisoner of the Free Peoples




  • Recorded 5 episodes of the Epic Story in response to Pineleaf’s challenge last week
    • Over half way through the Eastern Rohan Epic Story now



  • LOTRO is a lot of fun when you turn off floaty names in dark and scary places like The Old Forest and the Barrow Downs.



  • Got impregnated. By a spider.



  • Hunter Alistriel ran her first Epic Battle with Fidwik from Mythgard, discovered horses are not supposed to be freed, oops.



  • While questing in Moria with Teri, first she said “Down with Bears” and later said that she isn’t’ scared of orcs because he has a bear companion with her.


News Beyond LOTRO

The Kings of Gondor — Part Eight — Battle of the Plains


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Featured Comments

Ilene Pinnt left a comment on LOTRO Players News Episode 122:

Great episode. I haven’t ever seen any of the chicken runs. What route does one take if one is taking a chicken to Minas Tirith or Helm’s Deep?

On Twitter, Tom asked:

“Quick question, is there a kin you guys are all in? Would be great to join you all”

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