Poems of the Pine: Prisoner of the Free Peoples


Pinesong on Stage

We track Amarthiel into the Trollshaws.

Book 11 – Prisoner of the Free Peoples

The scouts had seen
No sign of our foes
So we warned them to watch
The ways with care.
In Tinnudir our guest
Soon tore from his cell
And killed the guards
That kept him there.
We mourned those lost
By laying out stones
Then learned of the road
The ravagers did take.
We followed them east
To the fords of Bruinen
To search the land
For a sign of the ring.
In our search we found a home
Whose cellar hid a book
That spoke of keys
That were kept well hidden.
When we unlocked the door
Into Delossad we went
Where Narmaleth was kept
From the knowledge of the wise.
We learned the truth
Of the troubles we had
When Laerdan did hide his love.
His daughter he kept
In Delossad away
To evade the vengeance of the elves.

Next time, we return to the ruined land of Angmar.

Pineleaf Needles

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