LOTRO Players News Episode 122: A Minas to Chicken Tirith


This week we give our first impressions of Minas Tirith and Update 17 as a whole.

Game News

Update 17 Released October 27th

Minas Tirith — First Impressions

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LOTRO Players News

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New Player Question

Do I need to buy expansion packs to go visit places like Rohan and Gondor?





  • Went on a Minas Tirith pub crawl
  • Helped Bingo find some elves & learned Elrond doesn’t care
  • Started my Minas Tirith series



  • Proof of Concept done – Archet to Angmar on a VIP account Minstrel done using only Evendim & Angmar regions. Epics for filler.
  • Karvett the Guard (94!) is leveling across the Stonedeans assisting the defence of Brockbridge.
  • Crafting stack size is 500!  Purchase full stack from vendor is also 500! (Shift click)



  • Haunted Burrow Halloween w/ Bekah!
  • Epic Story is EPIC!! No spoilers, but … MadeofLions is a BEAST
  • We took a chicken to Minas Tirith!



  • Jumped off the prow and lived
  • Rehearsed for the big Wigend event
  • Tried to watch Arathaert take a chicken to Minas Tirith!



  • Shout-out from QuartermasterU on his stream!
  • Attempted to take an under-leveled dwarf to Minas Tirith.
  • Led the Academy Field Trip tour through the Water-works.



  • Gladden Boffin character reached level 37 while questing in the Trollshaws. The most annoying part involving the quest activation order of the wolf hunt quest.
  • My Gladden Beorning (for my YT series) complete Volume 3 Book 6.
  • Started running Minas Tirith on Laurelin.


Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Gimli?


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  1. Great episode. I haven’t ever seen any of the chicken runs. What route does one take if one is taking a chicken to Minas Tirath or Helm’s Deep?

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