Minas Tirith – First Impressions


The part of Gondor players have been waiting for is finally here!  When people think of Gondor, they usually think of Minas Tirith.  Being a city and a keep, Minas Tirith in many ways is like Edoras and Helm’s Deep combined.  Just on anticipation alone, Turbine had a lot to live up to and then add in the shear size of Minas Tirith and it becomes a truly daunting task.

Minas Tirith LOTRO HQ

The new area starts with a bang as players ride to Minas Tirith and end up arriving just in time to help Gandalf save Faramir from Nazgûl on fell beasts.  On the approach, I started to really get an idea of the scale of Minas Tirith as the city got closer.  It is far beyond anything we have seen in LOTRO up to this point.

Once inside the city, players are greeted with a number of city-style quests.  This was a nice breath of fresh air from previous areas.  We are allowed to just explore the city with only a small amount of combat.

Each level of Minas Tirith is big enough to be a city by itself.  The various levels also have their own feel.  Not to mention there are 11 taverns in this place.  I mean this is a huge city and I think Turbine did a great job fleshing out each of the levels.  The city feels lived in with a great variety between the tiers and yet still retains the overall architectural unity of the city.

I am really enjoying my time in Minas Tirith and can’t wait to log back in and continue to help save the city.

If you want to see my impressions of the rest of the zone, you can watch my commentary series as I make my way through Minas Tirith.

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What do you think of Minas Tirith so far?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Goblinbane /

    Alas, whole effect of greatness is ruined by rush release with crashes and incredible amount of bugs. Also many people complain that quests in the city are terrible boring kind of “bring”, “tell”, “find” (do you remember when Turbine last year announced when releasing first Gondor that we are heroes now so the quests will be for heroes, ah well…).

    I am so far making quests outside the city to collect crafting materials. And here appears thing I do not understand. Most gems that dropped from mobs are eorlingas not anorien, same with hides. And parchments for scholars are only eorlingas, Ughhh…

    And again there is town without stable (the one in the north). I see no point in making traveling time consuming. Seriously this is one of many things that make people to quit from MMO games. Thats very ancient game design to make player to spend lot of time on traveling.

    Once again. IMO it is better to release something later, even by many weeks, then in such state.

    But must admit that MT is more impressive then I thought, Also BB’s are good (specially hammer). Lot of action Sad that they rushed with release. Bugs and crashes ruin whole effect.

  2. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    Absolutelly EPIC!!
    Since started playing wanted to ride there, the expectations were as high as possible and still I got chills & goosebumps!
    The Detail and the amount of inside places you can go in as House of Lore… the Forge of Cirion… is just amazing!!
    The idea of the horses was also great & I love Turbine for follow the books the way they are, like the first level wall =)

    Now enough chatting, the to walls friends, the enemies approaches!
    To Minas Tirith| FOG For Gondor!!! \o/

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