Poll: If LOTRO Ends Someday, Would You Buy An Offline Version?


If LOTRO ends someday, would you buy an offline version if it was made available?

If LOTRO ends someday, would you buy an offline version?

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  1. Andang /

    An offline version would mean more pie per player…

  2. B. K. Oxley (binkley) /

    Emphatic Yes.

  3. It wouldn’t be the same game. I play for the content but also for the community.

  4. Goblinbane /

    Well, I would made many screenshots on high details of Lotro landscapes and some interiors to keep it for ever, but I wouldnt be interested with buying offline game.

    As offline solo game it should be heavily remade. And I do not mean even graphics but for example phasing, i.e. effects of my actions should really be visible in the landscape. When I attacked and burned goblins camp that camp is really becoming empty and burned for ever, when I retake Gondorian town from pirates or orcs it is really free and people come back (like it happens in Witcher 3 for example). But that had to be a new game. Current game is MMO design with all flaws of MMO (for example never ending respawn of mobs or the same NPC in a few places), and it is already 8 years old. I do not think I would ever play it as offline game.

    • Thimbur /

      What Goblinbane said. And if we could mod it – add our own Balrogs, maybe. 😀

    • Zimzeebo /

      I agree with Goblin..just cutting the wires wouldn’t be enough. Things would have to be redesigned for the game to work as a single player game. I think that would take a lot of work. Would Turbine be able to do that. I kinda doubt it.

    • The Nimrodelian Tale-Spinner /

      You know, I might be tempted to buy an offline version if this was done as well. It would take some streamlining of course, there are certain things in the game that would need adjusted and you would have to eliminate or at least severely cut the grind out, but it could work.

  5. Offline version with LANing enabled – the ideal

  6. Why should it ever end??? WTF? Even EQ1 goes on … and servers nearly cost nothing today. If I wanna play offline then I use Baldur’s Gate etc. As for “licences”: LOTRO will remain the best promotion for all other Tolkien products, so don’t tell us about “licences”.

  7. Angela /

    LOTRO WILL end someday. Just like every other game will. Would I play an offline version? Probably yes.

  8. Without the community it will be the different game. But as the memory and as the favourite world – it should be with me in any form!

  9. Travarin /

    Well, I don’t do much group content anyways, so definitely. I talk to people through the chat sometimes, and I do enjoy being part of a kinship, but I mostly play solo so it wouldn’t be much of a difference.

  10. For me LotRO IS the community. I don’t are for leveling or endgaming. For me it’s a social game. So what is the fun in an offline version?? I DID say ‘maybe’, because it would be a reminder of the great times I had online. But…. the game won’t end 🙂

  11. Fandromir /

    How about the option of running it on your own private server? I’ve heard of other games having that option. You buy the game, or the license or something and then pay for and maintain your own server and give the address to your friends to play on with you! THAT would be awesome!

  12. wertykelpie /

    this game is build to be a mmo and has an obvious mmo formula if it was offline it would be boring as hell, the best part of the game is the multyplayer component part together with tolkien lore.

  13. Rucagorn of Evernight /

    1 of the things that make this game awesome is the community, even though I would probably still play a bit and so, woulnt be the same with my kinnies *.*

  14. Well, if enough people would be interested in helping out building a private server, it could be done. Infact i am already able to run around the whole world and explore areas which are not open to the public, but sticking all pieces together to have full working server emulation is quite a huge task.

    • Leroil /

      Hey, do you still play Gumli on remaining servers? I would like to ask you some questions. I hope you do see this message 🙂

  15. I would buy the game as is with mobs reappearing . The grind system. I would want it as is offline .

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