LOTRO Players News Episode 120: The Wanderer Class


This week we talk about the new server hardware and Osgiliath.

Game News

New Server Hardware Before Thanksgiving

Store Sales

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LOTRO Players News

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Gotta Move’it Move’it with Madaelin




  • Got Arkenstone Mini Forthrond to 46, crossed the line of death in Angmar and discovered the level jumps up to 47.
  • Karvett the Guardian is dealing with sinister plots in Stoke and reaches as far as Woodhurst in Rohan
  • Inopae has proven that slug slaying in the Shire is a pain no matter what the class.



  • Streamed Bingo Boffin Leveling



  • Guardian improvement – virtues & Scrolls
  • Started the Warden! Holy memorization Gandalf…
  • Warging it up – once cause I felt bad :/



  • Cosmetics testing on Bullroarer, this time with shields and a freshly-rolled mini.
  • Alistriel the hunter quested in Western Rohan, Entwade and Aldburg.
  • Arkenstone!Teri led the field trip group through the Forgotten Treasury instance in Moria, mostly successfully!



  • My completionist Lore-master quested in The Shire. I decided to integrate some Bingo quests into my questing progress.
  • My Beorning on Gladden had a little chat with Saruman. He didn’t seem to be very nice.
  • My skirmish/epic character reached level 28 and ran the epic in Ost Guruth.


News Beyond LOTRO

Minecraft Middle-earth — 5 Year Trailer

Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Osgiliath?


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Featured Comments

Thoronlin Angryhands left a comment on last week’s show:

“Arathaert, what did you mean when you said you did a log flume? You mean outside of LOTRO?


Thoronlin of Eldar”


Barnabras writes: — Karvett Reads

“Hullooooo Lotro Players!!,

A few weeks ago I was bidding on my favorite essence in the auction house.  I hit the “bid” button and realized, much to my horror, that I had just outbid one of my alts!  What bonehead things have the Lotro players done in Lord of the Rings Online?

Peace and Love,


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  1. Barnabras /

    Great show as always.
    Did anyone else notice that Ara’s accent went from Australian to Long iland and back to Austrailian? On a side note, I got to rank 12 on my Creep, yhea!!!

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