The Soloist: Caranelanor


ScreenShot00311There I was, visiting the ole Prancing Pony for a bit of ale, and came upon quite a talented solo musician playing upon the worn carpet afront the warm fire of the entrance way. Listening to her, Caranelanor played a mix of different music as the tavern folk and heroes chatted and danced away.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce another musician to the community. Soloist are those who often perform by their selves, for the enjoyment of others.

This is what we talked about…

Greetings, glad to meet you!

Caranelanor: Nice to meet you, too, although I think we’ve met and just not interacted

 Ah very nice! and Glad we finally met officially!

 I like to ask musicians how they got started performing. What can you tell us about that?

Caranelanor: In-game or IRL?

Both, has real life influenced your life as a musician in LOTRO?

Caranelanor: Reverse, really. I was a musician IRL, and tried the music thing in beta, and was like ‘Noooo, I can’t do this.’ I didn’t think about learning it until this character was made and she decided she plays

 Have you always been on Landroval, or have you come from another realm (server)?

Caranelanor: I’ve been on Landroval since the beginning, and was one of the ones in the RP bunches when we decided to try to make an Unofficial RP server, like we did on CoH

 Do you have a particular type of music you like to play?

Caranelanor: My own liking’s are broad, although I can’t stand rap or “noisy” music. For the .abcs, I look for songs that will work and sound good.

 What have you enjoyed most about the music community?

Caranelanor: Hmm.
Caranelanor: Just the lightness and fun, mostly.
Caranelanor: I mean, yeah, it’s not lore or whatever, but… fun.

 Do you ever perform with a band, or do you prefer to perform as a soloist most often?

Caranelanor: I’m just going to be solo. No band. Once I figure out a way, I can work this into RP.

 There are alot of events out there that people commonly attend. Have you attended any of these events, such as Ales & Tales, Weatherstock, or band performances?

Caranelanor: I go to Weatherstock. I don’t usually go to a concert.

 You can tell alot about a musician by the instrument they enjoy most. What would you say is your favorite?

Caranelanor: Lute of Ages.
Caranelanor: What does that say about me? XD

That you like good ole Classic instruments hehe

 There are good and parts about the current music system. What are your favorite and no so favorite parts about it?

Caranelanor: My favorite part is that it lets us actually choose the music we bring in. The not so favorite is the gazillion lines of text spam at concerts.

Do you transcribe or compose your own music?

Caranelanor: I haven’t composed in over 15 years. By transcribe, do you mean I write the sheet music?

 I mean by transcribing midi files into ABC song files.

Caranelanor: Yes, I do that.

 Composing as it writing your own ABC files from real music of your own creation.

Caranelanor: Oh.. I haven’t brought in anything I wrote, yet. This is all commercial music.

 What is your favorite tool to transcribe with?

Caranelanor: Maestro is my only tool, so far.

 What would you say would be the best advice you could give to any up and coming musician?

Caranelanor: Real musician or in-game musician?

 In-game staring musicians

Caranelanor: Play what you love.
Caranelanor: and don’t do lyrics 😛
Caranelanor: Well, not in RP hubs anyway XD

 Well considering you have great taste in clothing, that is sound advice.

Caranelanor: Everyone loves the new surcoat 😉

 Only those who can wear it well!

Caranelanor: I also like to bring in obscure music or music the younger players wouldn’t have heard.

 Excellent! Want to thank you for taking the time with us!

Caranelanor: Thanks for the interest in me :>

Forte Maestro is the writer for the Bard Chronicles at LOTROPlayers, and Dean of Forte’s Academy of Musicof Music.

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