Poems of the Pine: The City of Kings


Pinesong on Stage

What is Amarthiel up to and what can we do to stop her?

Book 10 – The City of Kings

In Annúminas
She nurtured her plan
To find the ring
Of fell power.
Before we could look
For the palantir stone
We needed to take
The town from our foe.
She sought to seal
A savage deal
With the cruelest folk
We faced near the shore.
They pressed an attack
To purge our friends
From the City of Kings
And leave sad memories.
While we stopped the foes
It stalled our hunt
And Amarthiel made
The most of that time.
Yet we found a means
That could foil her hopes
And let us steal
The stone of sight.
We fought our foe
And found the stone
So we took the terrible tool.
Yet Laeradan was lost
As we left the place
Where Amarthiel made her plans.

Next time, we set out to follow Amarthiel’s trail.

Pineleaf Needles

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