LOTRO Players News Episode 117: The Subway Conspiracy


This week we talk about LOTRO Store news and site news.

Game News

World transfers off of Gilrain will be available on September 28th and Riddermark will be available on September 29th.

New LOTRO Store Preview

New Fall Festival Dress!

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week September 25th – October 1st

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  • Legendary Slot Unlock
  • Legacy Tier Upgrades
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LOTRO Players News

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 2 Prologue

Small LOTRO Adventures – Episode 29: Scaredy-Cat Bingo

LOTRO Video Highlights: Lost in the Fire

The Family Line Part 60 – A Shot in the Dark

Lilikate’s Public Song Library

The Ninny Hammers over Arnor

LOTRO Poems by Nim: The Loss

The House of Beorn Chapter 11: Into darkness, into War

Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Attack at Dawn

New Player Question

The moment in a fight where you realize “Ah heck, I or a member of my fellowship, about to die” What class/race traits/skills are available to prevent defeat at the 11th hour?





  • Lotsa PvP – about halfway to r10 on my warg and got some playtime in on my r6 defiler and warleader



  • Did a Bingo Boffin skirmish stream to level Dangsong



  • What? Me, Hunter?



  • First time healing on a mini in a 3 man. Learned that wardens are somewhat squishy unless played correctly.



  • Terifluffz is Rank 7! Some really tasty nomz on Gladden freeps and a couple of awesome raids.



  • My skirmish group ran Icy at Tier 2. This was our first successful completion of this skirmish at T2.



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One comment

  1. As I was snaky on twitter, I will add to the “Oh heck” discussion
    On Captain there are two I use.

    Yellow line:
    “Last Stand” Cannot be defeated. Cool if you are close to killing a mob which will allow you bigger Rally Cry heal. This has been used to finish off the named MOB that you need to kill for the quest and are going to die right after from his cronies.

    “Strength in Numbers” (Fellowship) Gives you a HOT, though need to plan that one.

    Blue: “Reform the lines”. This is so like a captain, sacrifices your moral for the Fellowship.

    Red: “Just Time of Need” Sadly, useless. Though it can reset some cool downs on Rally cry.

    For my Loremaster I needed one the other night in Yellow line. Inductions suck for Oh Heck

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