LOTRO Players News Episode 116: Wargification


This week we talk about site news and Eregion.

Game News

Server transfers are open for Elendilmir and Estel


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Baggins’ Birthday Event

Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner


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LOTRO Players News

Tales of the Free Folk Episode 1: The Adventure Begins

1st Annual Pirate Palooza! Sept. 19th

The Family Line Part 59

LOTRO Video Highlights: Pirates of the Caribbean Music

The House of Beorn Chapter 10

Shield of Honor: Part Three

Poems of the Pine

New Player Question

So say I have this potion that dispels something I want to dispel. Its duration is 5 seconds and its cooldown is 2 minutes. Do I click on it in the middle of combat? Or click on it and then rush into the situation where I’m anticipating the bad effect?




  • Soloed Halls of Night T2C
  • Leveled the Loremaster
  • Warged a bit



  • Finished Eastern Gondor
  • Barrowed with Bingo
  • Got a Warsteed



  • Final tally for last weekends Rohan leveling 85-91 (over the weekend), discovered that you have to mine ore in the Broadacres while looking over your shoulder to keep from getting ganked by a Dunlending horde.
  • Experience the most blessed game glitch ever involving Sara Oakheart in Breeland.
  • Talked and dressed like a pirate, first ever pirate day questing and cosmetics.



  • Waited outside the Arboretum while Gryfflet wiped trying to do the Grimbark instance….twice (I suggested that the title of the episode should be The Agony of Defeats)
  • Got my dwarf mini his eye patch, and I have a plan
  • Wargification: Got Mavenpaw to rank 6; Introduction to warg-only fellowship and the coolness of running in a coordinated pack; seeing the impact of transfers; another interesting fellowship



  • Finished Eastern Gondor and caught up on the Epic Story.
  • Saryssa played tour guide in Moria.
  • RK Lashillien finished the Isengard bits of the epic and is heading into Rohan.



  • On Arkenstone, Pineclaw ran several skirmishes with Teri and another kin mate.
  • On Landroval, Pinering reached level 60 and complete Book 5 in Moria.
  • On Windfola, my regular small fellowship skirmish group decided to try Breaching at the raid setting. Longer to run but there was less lag.


Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of Eregion? – suggested by Berenthalion



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