Poems of the Pine: The Shores of Evendim


Pinesong on Stage

We learn that there was something off with Sara Oakheart.

Book 9 – The Shores of Evendim

Sara did steal
The seeing stone
That we kept by Mordirith
The malevolent lord.
We traced her path
Through perilous ruins
Where she unmasked herself
As Amarthiel the Champ.
Three men of Mordirith
Were to march to her aid
But we found them first
To finish their plots.
We then followed our foe
With fervent strides
To Evedim
And Annúminas.
She seeks to find
Her severed ring
To regain her glory of old.
Can we steal her stone
To stop her plot
Before the hidden finds her hand?

Next time, we seek to stop Amarthiel’s scheme.

Pineleaf Needles

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