LOTRO Players News Episode 115: Roving Threat Selfies


This week we have a quick show talking about server transfer news and skirmishes.

Game News

Transfers Off Closing Servers Begin September 14th

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LOTRO Players News

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New Player Question

Do I really need power potions or any other potions other than morale potions? I get them and never use them.





  • Played Bingo with Bombadil





  • Troll scale is really cool.



  • Soloed Helegrod Spider!



  • Lashillien enjoyed her stay in the Isengard guest chambers.



  • Created two challenge characters. I created a Lore-master on Gladden that will be my completionist character and a Warden on Gwaihir to be my skirmish challenge character.


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Featured Comments

Barnabras left a comment on LOTRO Players News Episode 114:

The Eye of Lotro Players News never sleeps! It is true, I did write that little diddy, and was quite shocked to hear it on the news. All bow before the all knowing LPN!


Glambold writes:

“Inspired by Pineleaf, I decided to get a new title for my main in LOTRO, which you can see in the attached screenshot.

It is a huge grind, but very rewarding to have done it, probably the hardest title that I have got so far as I do not do PVP, this character is World Renowned and Thane of Hytbold.

Why on middle-earth would you want to do it more than once?


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One comment

  1. I would like to formally apologize for besmirching the sterling reputation of PineLeaf. In my own defense, the conversation was focused around HOARhallow and there was some background chatter that might have made his enunciation a bit ambiguous. I was not the only one that made that mistake apparently!

    Since noone else has mentioned it, I will point out that the Caerrog in the Eastern Malenhad section of Angmar is a bit of an anomaly. It is meant to be a capstone Roving Threat that only activates if you have the right quest from the RT quest giver in Aughaire and that quest is only available after you have defeated all of the other RT’s in Angmar, so until then, he lies dormant and available for Selfies. 🙂
    They attach a little story to it in the quest and I thought it was an interesting little twist, but one that I have not seen replicated in any of the other zones as of yet. Hope that clears things up.

    Cheers! Braag of Vilya

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