Transfers Off Closing Servers Begin September 14th


Today Vyvyanne, LOTRO’s Executive Producer, revealed in a forum post the starting date for transfers off closing worlds is September 14th.

“On September 14th we will begin transfers off of the first two of our closing worlds Elendilmir- US and Estel- EU.”

Vyvyanne also states that the closing servers will remain open for play until 2016 and transfers to Bradywine should start near the end of the year.

Wondering when your server will open for transfers?  While there are no set dates, Vyvyanne did say this list is the order they will open transfers.

In another post, Vyvyanne reminds players that character creation will be closed once transfers open on a closing server.

Also, until the remaining servers are updated to the new hardware, transfers between remaining worlds will be closed to give priority to characters moving off closing worlds.


  1. sarah aka alzeria /

    I assumed kin transfers included kinship houses? we lost ours in the transfer to arkenstone

    • This was the bit from one of the announcement posts for the world transfers:

      “Bound items in the Kinship house will be returned to their owners and unbound items will be put in the Kinleader’s personal house storage or escrow. Any remaining pre-paid credit and unlocked storage levels on the Kinship house will be automatically granted upon purchase of a new Kinship house on the new world.”

      Basically, I assume because the housing is tied to a specific server, they had no choice but require the loss of your actual house if you transfer. The best they could do was remove all the goods in your house and put it on escrow for your account (thus letting you get it on your new server).

      Sorry to hear of your troubles – hope you can pick up the same house over on Arkenstone, and collectively as a kin hopefully you can afford it!

  2. glorgnorbor /

    From the original letter, they stated that you would *always* be able to transfer *off* of closing worlds. Has this really changed? If so, that sucks.

    • No that has not changed. Transfers between remaining worlds has been closed while transfers off closing worlds begins.

      • glorgnorbor /

        Kinda scared me there “Vyvyanne also states that players will have until 2016 to transfer off closing worlds”

      • Fixed that in the article now to what I intended it to say. Sorry about that.

      • glorgnorbor /

        *Whew* Now I don’t have to be worried about possibly having a limited time to move my low characters that I’ll be too lazy to move :3

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