Poems of the Pine: Scourge of the North


Pinesong on Stage

It is time for vengeance.

Book 8 – Scourge of the North

With Lorniel’s loss
Laerdan advised
That we find the arms
Filched from Golodir.
Three ambassadors
We brought to an end
To take back his shield,
Mail shirt, and sword.
Ere we gave the gear
To Golodir we had
To repair the damage
That was placed on it.
We searched for smiths
To smooth the dents
And reshape the sword
To be sharp and true.
Then back in Carn Dûm,
The blight of the North,
We returned to tear
Our terrible foe.
Then Golodir drove
Dunûchar home
To send Mordirith
To Mordor the dark.
The Scourge of the North
To the nether had gone
And hope we hold once more.
But the palantir was lost
As a lady quite old
Did steal it from its stand.

Next time, we attempt to learn what Sara Oarkheart is up to.

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