Far Away Bree-Town – debuting an original composition


What has often drawn many of us to the world of Lord of the Rings, is the great music system we have grown to love. It has drawn is together as a community, far greater then any MMO out to-date.

Many have gained a satisfaction with the art of transcribing music in to the ABC song system that governs the music with in the game. But, there are a few who endeavor to step foot deeper into the fine task of composing original music with the aim of providing the community with genuine music.

I have been known at least once before with my composition of “Sunshine – Forte’s Opus 1” to do so myself. That composition itself, with the pain staking task of writing sheet music meshing multiple instruments together, took me around 2 years to complete. A big feat for such a small hobbit who wasn’t formally trained in the art of music. But, it goes to show, with a bit of dedication and goo hearing, what someone, anyone, can do.

The time has come that I set myself aside again, and began the piece that will mark my second fullย  original score for music in LOTRO. This work, writing sheet music step by step took me a year to complete.

I bring to you “Far Away Bree-Town” composed by Forte Maestro

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This piece was an adaptation from my recently released “Minstrel’s Mirth,” where the tune was slowed a bit and the original single flute notes were shifted to the harp and flute, after tweaking a bit.

Also check out “Sunshine – Forte’s Opus 1

LISTEN on Sound Cloud

READ the Sheet Music


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  1. I have to register to download ๐Ÿ™ And listen tells me: ‘Sorry! We can’t find that track.’…
    I do like Sunshine – Forte’s Opus 1 ๐Ÿ™‚


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