LOTRO Players News Episode 114: Arathaert’s Secret Plan


This week we are joined by Forte to talk about music in LOTRO.

Blooper video here.

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LOTRO Players News

Tales of the Free Folk starts Sept. 12th

LOTRO Video Highlights: The Tale of Dynnagon

Lilikate’s New Songbook

The House of Beorn Chapter 9

Small LOTRO Adventures Episode 27

Shield of Honor: Part Two

Poems of the Pine: The Key to Death

New Player Question

What is lag? What does it look like? Can I fix it?



  • Bingo Boffin & Level Addicts Wednesday – mini slogging away in Moria
  • Bit of warging with Teri and Elda and Maven, which has been fun
  • Teri shared awesomeness with me…



  • Actually completed a mushroom quest at the Farmer’s Faire! But I’m still sucking eggs.
  • Powered up my warg (75% of the way to rank 5) and had my first big PvMP engagement with Teri, Elda, and Ara SO FRUSTRATING!
  • My second big PvMP engagement on my own…slogan city!



  • Old Forest Bingo
  • Helped the river ladies rearrange armor



  • Saryssa the burglar is still struggling with her gambling addiction: RNG has not been kind while doing Farmer’s Faire fishing. Master Looter helped a lot during 16th Hall, though!
  • Lots of warging, some with Ara, some with Maven, some with Elda. Got some killing blows!
  • New burg: Stabbatha. Was supposed to be a ‘temporary’ character, but I have to keep her now.



  • On Arkenstone, my Beorning quested with Teri, Maven, and Drac in Evendim: Gwingris and the start of Echad Eregion. I reached level 51.
  • Pineleaf Landroval decided to invest in a first-age spear.
  • Pinering reached level 56 while questing in the middle sections of Moria. Currently working on prep for the raid against the White Hand Orcs.



  • Fishing Mayhem – Falling asleep Egg Scramble frustration
  • Started running in game Music Lessons
  • Went up a lvl….after 3 years! Woot Thanks Festivals!
  • Made my way back to Angmar, actually making it to East Angmar after 5 months
  • Gold Costumed Battle Forte


News Beyond LOTRO

LOTRO Poems #16

The Story of Kullervo – Tolkien’s Latest Book


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YoCraig left a 5-Star review on iTunes:

“Great Podcast!

Great show to go along with playing LOTRO. Superb host!”

Featured Comments

Braag left a comment on Episode 113:

“If anyone wants to know what statement Wisfoot is referring to in his iTunes review please see my comment on episode 111! We can’t let this pass without more hoopla. There must be some kind of explanation or justification forthcoming!!! Even if it’s just that he was, “caught up in the moment”.

Hah! Cheers!



Immortan writes:

“Hey LOTRO Players I have a question for Pineleaf.

I really enjoyed your Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing for Thievery and Mischief I’ve been running that a lot this past weekend for the +25 Mark Acquisition Boost. While leveling my Beorning a couple months ago in that skirmish I ran into Tom Greythistle with 1,042,034 morale. It was a solo tier 2 run at level 100. I died on both attempts to beat him. He wasn’t one of the encounters either, I had already beatin Gruglup and Tukar. I’m wondering is this a bug of some kind and have you ever come across this. The picture I’ve attached has been posted to my kin and Evernight Facebook pages. No one has ever seen him with that much morale in a solo run, any help would be appreciated. Love the show and all the work you guys do on the site.

Immortan lvl 100 Guardian, Nomad Officer on Evernight Server.”

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