LOTRO Players News Episode 113: Languages in Tolkien


This week we are joined by The Dwarrow Scholar and Dreamingfifi to talk about languages in Tolkien. 

Game News

New Server Tech Testing To Start In September

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LOTRO Players News

Tales of the Free Folk starts Sept. 12th

Poll: How Did You Discover Tolkien?

LOTRO Video Highlights: The A-Team

Benefits of a Kinship

Small LOTRO Adventures — Episode 26

The Amar Calad

The House of Beorn Chapter 8 — The Journey South

Pineleaf Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Thievery and Mischief

Poems of the Pine: Ode to Tuckborough

New Player Question

Is mark accumulation the only benefit of doing skirmishes? For what other reasons would I do a skirm?



  • Gathered some of Bingo’s first cousins, once removed



  • Lots of Moria & barely keeping my hunter ahead of my mini



  • Kicked off Pineleaf Weekend with Pineclaw and Teri



  • Moved some characters from Gladden to Arkenstone and got them into the Academy kinship.



  • Tried switching to a bannerguard to see how it works with my warden – after a run of Attack at Dawn, I decided that I need to use the bannerguard with a different warden.



  • Was betrayed and beaten by my Karvlette kindred.



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Wisfoot left a 4-Star review on iTunes:

“Priority #1: Control Thyself

As suggested by someone on your team, I find that I have the time to write a short review of your show while sitting and waiting for the tow trucks to arrive to one of the worst multi-car incidents in my area.  There I was just driving down the road listening to Episode 111 when Pineleaf made…”that statement.”  I just couldn’t help myself – I turned my head so hard toward my MP3 player that I don’t know if my whiplash is from the resulting accident or that double take.  Pineleaf really must control himself in the future. (Ref.: Episode 111.) I’ve been playing LOTRO now for several years (mostly solo or with 1 or 2 friends on occasion), and found your show about a year ago. I listen to your show via podcast – often a week or two after it’s posted and enjoy it very much.  To be honest, although I do enjoy the camaraderie and bantering between hosts, I feel like you spend could spend a lot less time on the ‘what happened last week’ section…for some of you with many characters on multiple servers it can get a bit too lengthy.  And if you continue that segment you could limit the sharing to lessons learned or teachable moments that can be helpful to everyone. A couple suggestions/requests for shows in the future: 1) Talk about the new servers – what does it mean to be a roleplaying server or whatever other server types there are.  And which ones are which.  Basically why would I chose one server over another? 2) Please share your experience with migrating characters / kinships as soon as they start.  What to watch out for, what do first or last, and/or general tips/suggestions.  3) How to deal with Roving Threats with a less-than-optimal-sized group (I feel smaller groups are likely to be the norm from my experience.) Again, thanks very much for your show and your team of hosts.  You do a great job.”

Fredelas Fairfodder left a 5-Star review on iTunes:

“Certified Pie Inspector

As a certified pie inspector, I’m trained to recognize fresh and tasty treats, I’m pleased to report that the LPN podcast is a consistent delight!  The hosts are well informed and funny, I’ve been listening live for about two years now, but it’s nice to get a couple slices to go here, too.”


Bellcaunion writes:

Suilad everyone.

I thought I’d share a short poem I wrote a few years ago.  I don’t claim to know anything about poetry and I can’t hold a candle to the Magnificent Pineleaf but I wrote one and it mostly rhymes. So please be kind.  Keep up the good work I love the show.

Bellcaunion of QuendeNosse


The Spell Is Upon Me

My days are cloudy I walk in a mist.

The spell is upon me.

I long for light never shown, from trees never grown.

I yearn for music never played, on instruments never made.

It is a torment that I love.

The spell is upon me.

I want to escape to a land never wrought and see things never sought.

I want to meet people never born and hold Boromir’s split horn.

Things of this world drain me.

The spell is upon me.

I long for this distant land to walk and hold my true loves hand.

I wish to hear words never said and see graves of those long since dead.

This world pails.

The spell is upon me.

I crave knowledge never taught and to see fell beasts never caught.

To sail under a flag never flown and feel wind never blown.

Hunger fills me.

The spell is upon me.

To drink water never flowed and look upon the moon that has never glowed.

To see her stars glitter bright and see his great eagles take flight.

My mind is ever bent to the land of the Elves.

The spell is upon me.

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  1. If anyone wants to know what statement Wisfoot is referring to in his iTunes review please see my comment on episode 111! We can’t let this pass without more hoopla. There must be some kind of explanation or justification forthcoming !!! Even if it’s just that he was, “caught up in the moment”. Hah! Cheers! Braag

  2. Your show on Languages is amazing. I need to check both sites.


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