LOTRO Store Sales 08/28/15 – 09/03/15


Free sample of the week August 27th – September 3rd
Rejuvenation Potion x5 Use Coupon Code RJVN5 1/Account



Class: Beorning


Teri Says – Yes! Who doesn’t want to be a bear, honestly?!? Thumbs_Up-Custom

Rune-keeper Class


Teri Says – Yes! Fire! Lightning! Healing of things! And pet rocks! Thumbs_Up-Custom

Warden Class

estore_purchase_class_warden_large.gif795 596

Teri Says – Be like Pineleaf!     Thumbs_Up-Custom

Character Slots

estore_character_slot_large.gif595 446

Teri Says – Always good to see theses on sale!     Thumbs_Up-Custom

Slayer Deed Accelerators

estore_deed_acceleration_large.gif75-450 56-338

Teri Says – Always handy when cleaning up the deed log and earning more points!     Thumbs_Up-Custom

Pineleaf Weekend!
+25% Skirmish Mark Acquisition
August 28th – 30th

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