User Chat Channels – Would You Like More?


Dear Lotro Players,

Greetings! I have taken up the baton on the subject of the number of User Chat Channels available to LOTRO players. I feel that more User Chat Channels would be a good change to make for the community. Considering so many players, groups and play-styles will be sharing a smaller number of  servers, the four current options we have at the moment I feel will be too few.

If you would like to help me raise awareness of this issue with Turbine and LOTRO Game Developers please follow this link and sign my very polite request to add more channels to our game.

Link to: A Polite Hobbit-Like Petition.



  1. Berenthalion /

    I think every type of chat being in world chat satisfies my needs just fine. Whenever people ask for a global trade or sell channel I never really understand why. Even with a couple of different conversations its always easy enough to follow. Although your player channel for music seems good.

    • Forte Maestro /

      The issue with using World Chat as an everything chat is that, well everything is chatted there. You can’t filter just trade, or just grouping. Plus, you have to deal with trolling, and other aspects that typically people shy away from. So the alternative is to not have world chat visible. So, then again you are left with no access to a world trade world GLFF etc unless you create them. So here we are back with the issue of not having enough channels for these uses. Four isnt enought over all.

  2. A lot of players already designate 1 channel specifically for their home language, Russian, Chinese, etc… that means they only have 3 channels for kins, alliances, private, not nearly enough.

  3. Joego /

    I agree with Leixi and I am one of those people who fits in her/his example. But I think that if we get more user chat channels, we should be able to create a shortcut for the channel that isn’t /1, /2… You can imagine how confusing it would be if we had like 10 channels and had to figure out which number is which channel, specially when each channel is a different number in different toons.

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