1st Annual Piratepalooza! Yar! Sept 19, 2015


2013-015bYar! Mateys!

Let it be known, that on the day to which we celebrate the “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” that the Landroval server will be holding the 1st Annual Pirate Palooza! Now, ye ask what does that men?! Treasure, Music, and Fun! It will take place next to where the “Shipwrecked Mariners” seem to like to take up camp each year, just next to the Brandywine Bridge on the Breeland side.

This great celebration will include a number of exciting pirate themed events!

Treasure Hunt – 12pm noon
Those of you who participated in the “Forte Scavenger Scramble” during the Fellowship walk a few years ago will find this much similar, and just as fun! In the tradition of all pirate treasure hunts will follow a string of clues on your way, to discover the treasure location in the end. Anyone can take part.

Prizes: 1st Place 50 gold + 500 TP | 2nd Place 35 gold + 500 TP | 3rd Place 15 gold

Tom & the Kings Men – 12-1pm: Those of you who will not be participating in the Treasure Hunt can continue to enjoy the festivities by listening to Tomeoric and the Kings Men as they perform for your enjoyment. 12-1pm

“Dress Like a Pirate” Costume Contest – 1-1:30pm
Yes you landlocked willywomps! This is a real contest. Come dressed in your best Piraty costume. You will be given a chance to present yourself one by one. In the end, you will be lined up and voted on individually by the crowd! The top 3 voted costumes will be given a choice for their prizes.

Prizes: 1st Place Prize Choice + 500 TP | 2nd Place Prize Choice  + 500 TP | 3rd Place Prize Choice

Treasure Hunt Award Ceremony – 1:30pm
Join the crowd and help cheer on the top participant winners of this year’s treasure hunt!

Rhymes n’ Gags with Cap’n Bilge – 1:45pm
Listen to the hilarious word twisting and jests by the salty dog him self!

Old Winyards Meet the Pirate Age – 2:00-3:00pm
Join your favorite house band of the Lonely Mountain Band as they teach you about the different Shanties that Seafaring Wayfarers used as they perform traditional sea/pirate music for you! Bring on your best Pirate moves.

Do you have any questions? Contact Forte or Fortissimmo on the Landroval server
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