Poems of the Pine: Mist and Shadow


Pinesong on Stage

We continue our chase of the Nazgûl in the Misty Mountains.

Book 5 – Mist and Shadow

Nowhere near us
Was the Nazgûl we sought
So to the Misty Mountains
We made our way.
We asked Glóin
If he could guess the place
Where the shadow servant
Did sit in wait.
We searched the goblins
To gain some news
But all we found
Was a foul Dourhand.
We sought the key
To the keep where they hid
And found Skorgrim the cruel –
A creature most fell.
When Skorgrim we slew
We could scarcely pause
For a spirit of spite
Sped from his corpse.
We had to head
To Helegrod
To learn what lay
To unleash a fell scheme.
There Drugoth Death-monger
A dragon did wake
With spirits most fell
From the fortress of Angmar.
Yet he could not keep
The crafty drake
As it flew away
Into the fog and night.
We now could face
The Nazgûl we sought
And send it from our sight.
Out from the mountains
To Mordor it fled
To leave out lands at last.

Now that we have dealt with the Nazgûl, we can head into the nice peaceful land of Angmar.

Pineleaf Needles

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