LOTRO Players News Episode 110: Legendary Junk


This week we talked about the server news and released Middle-earth Lore Episode 1.

Game News

Update 16.3 Release Notes

Closing Servers List

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LOTRO Players News

Middle-earth Lore Chapter 1 – The Shire

Poll: Do You Want More Episodic Content?

Essences and How to Make the Most of Them

Need a New EU Server? Consider Evernight

Server Transfer Competition

Lilikate’s Waffling Maestro Wisdom

Requiem for a Chicken — a LOTRO Music Story

Small LOTRO Adventures Ep. 23

LOTRO Video Highlights: Where the Tale Ends

LotRO and Lore: The Earth-kin

The House of Beorn — The Siege Part 2


Poems of the Pine: Chasing a Nazgul


This week’s New Player Question is brought to you by a fine specimen of a shirtless dwarf…

New Player Question

A festival just ended, but there are other non-festival events going on. What are these events?





  • Helped a hobbit do a riverdance
  • Promoted Middle-earth Lore
    • Filmed scenes for Episode 6
  • Leveled my cappy with Merry and Pip
  • Did a Beorning Stream 182 days after the last one



  • Rolled the most “Dad”-ly guardian ever to run along with my youngest daughter… who chose to play a “Buuuurglar” Bought a new Char slot the DAY before we got free slots.
  • Reminded of the Pain that Bind on Acquire items can cause.
  • Really enjoying cosmetic weapons and shields.



  • Bingo Boffin & Level Addict Wednesdays! No new levels on the mini…
  • … but the hunter duo is progressing well through Moria. Just hit the 21st Hall!
  • Unfortressed the Fortress
  • Made a fourth bullet point in the LPN notes to feel like I belonged…



  • Took a cloak away from Karv, then sent him an earring for apology
  • Completed epic Book 5 with Two Angry Hobbits and a Well-Dressed Man
  • Kept Lorniel alive long enough to be killed by the False King on the Academy Field Trip with Drac, Pineleaf and Teri
  • (My lvl 100 Hunter got one-shotted in Annuminas when I turned a corner and ran right into a roving threat. Good times)



  • Saryssa achieved the Lucky Duck title, but continues to have a gambling problem…
  • Axli Shingshing tried to help a hobbit, got a new title for his trouble.
  • My LM Galebrilith ran with that Dangbear and is up to level 41.
  • Ran Pelargir with Landroval!Teriadwyn and got enough Stars of Merit for a new shiny!



  • In the Academy Field Trip, after we witnessed Lorniel’s death, we collected some gear for her father.
  • In an effort to collect some data for my skirmish manuals, I started two new characters: one on a server that is going away and another one server that is staying up. It was an interesting contrast on how busy the two starter area were.
  • My minstrel on Landroval reached level 46. I completed the Misties and my class quest, started Angmar and the legendary item unlock.
  • Ran Thievery and Mischief many times.



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Featured Comments

Ma_andsPaluvLotro on Closing Servers List:

“Never been to Gladden .. how about you Ma… Gladden! .. sound like a mighty happy place Pa.. pack up the kids ‘n load the truck ..be sure Granma’s strap tight on the top of that Moria keg sure has plenty of lighting to Kick don’t need drinking too of that moonshine yet. Kids get we’re going to wallyworl…. ah ah ah…. make that Gladden…”


Sparge writes:

“Just curious, did you guys have more fun getting your toons (the ones that are there) to Cap or after the Cap?

Me, I had more fun getting there.  Seems to be more of a grind after reaching Cap but it does feel good when you get that Something that fits.


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