Poll: Do You Think Andang Has Run Out of Poll Ideas?


That guy Andang sure has done a lot of polls.  Do you think he has run out of poll ideas?

Do you think Andang has run out of poll ideas?

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  1. I chose other.

    But it’s so simple. Andang has not run out of poll ideas, or this poll would not be here, so clearly I cannot choose the option in front of me.

    But this poll would not be here if Andang had not run out of ideas, so clearly I cannot choose the option in front of you.

    “Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.”

  2. Pineapple Weavel, Skirmish Chaplain of the Shire /

    Obviously, Pineleaf has been put in charge of the polls this week. You can distinctly here the sounds of a Skirmish going on in the background. The Andang byline is obviously a blatant attempt by a Vile Lieutenant to throw us off the scent!

  3. Karvett /

    “Wait till I get going! Where was i?”


  4. Yep…. Thought so.. 42! Clearly! So no problem Andang, keep rollin’ 🙂

  5. We need a poll poll for the poll poll poIl polI poII…

  6. Barnabras /

    I have a poll idea, What server are you transferring too?

  7. Berenthalion /

    Perhaps you could do a poll about future lore episodes eg. Yet to be planned ones. Or for the order of release of episodes?

  8. poll poll: when you hear “polls” what do you think about? polls? poles(long stick)? Poles(Polish people)? Poles(Electro-Magnetics)? or Poles(axis through a sphere)?

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