Poems of the Pine: Chasing a Nazgûl


Pinesong on Stage

In this week’s piece, we head into the Trollshaws in search of a Nazgûl.

Book 4 – Chasing a Nazgûl

The Nine Nazgûl
Nearly won
The ring of Sauron
That rules them all.
But the wraiths were washed
By the waters of the ford
Back to their Master
In Mordor dark.
Yet one escaped
The avalanche
To sow the seeds
Of sinister plots.
We sought to find
This fiend of darkness
That was loose to wreck
The lands near Elrond.
In the hills we found
His horse long dead
So we knew the Nazgûl
Was near our land.
We searched three caves
But came with naught
So we asked an ent
That proved angry and hasty.
From Legalos
We learned the need
To stalk the trolls
That stayed in the wood.
The Nazgûl we found
But he fled away
As we killed the troll
That was king of the rest.
We foiled the plot
To foul the shaws
The treacherous troll is dead.
But the Nazgûl fled
So now we must
Resume our search for him.

Next, we head into the Misty Mountains, where we continue to track the elusive rider.

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