Need a new EU server? Consider Evernight

Evernight players assemble outside Bree for a server event.

Evernight players assemble outside Bree for a server event.

This morning, Turbine named the 19 servers that would be closing as part of the forthcoming server consolidation. Evernight was one of only five European servers selected to stay online.

On behalf of the players of Evernight, I would personally like to extend an invitation to  any EU players on a sunsetting server to come and join us.

Evernight is a melting pot of players. While it may have started off as a Codemasters operated European server, in 2011 Evernight was relocated to the US. As a result, the server is home to players from the across the world, including Europe, the US, and even Oceania. You can often witness different languages being spoken in World Chat, including from a few Russian players who joined when their servers closed. If you’re looking to meet new people from the other side of the globe, Evernight is the place for you!

Another thing to be aware of is that Evernight will soon be the only English-speaking EU server that won’t be bound by Turbines roleplaying rules.

Evernight hosts a variety of grouping opportunities. While Sambrog and Pelargir are current favourites, the multi-timezone nature of Evernight means that people are online at any time of the day, making it simple to group up when it suits you. The server is home to kinships big and small, with some of the most active including the Fellowship of the Guardians and Evernight’s Legends.

There is a fantastic community on Evernight, due in part to the Evernight Facebook Group, which allows players to discuss LOTRO and plan server-wide events. If you’re interested in coming over to Evernight, check out the group to see if the server feels would be a good fit for you.

Evernight is also lucky enough to be one of the few servers to have it’s own newspaper – the Evernight Report. Hannihr does a fantastic job engaging with the community and keeping up to date with news and events across the server.

Finally, Evernight has room to grow. The server’s music and PVMP communities are not quite as active on other servers, and there is certainly a market to be filled. If either of these aspects of the game interest you, Evernight would love to have you join us and bring some new energy to the server.

Is anyone considering making the move to Evernight, and if so, is there any questions you’d like answered about the server?



  1. I am very happily surprised to see the name of my kinship Evernight’s Legends named in this article. Recovering from surgery so can’t get in game now, but this helps recovering ☺ And I hope to welcome many people to this great world. It’s been my home for 7+ years. Met many wonderful people from all over the world. And hope to welcome many more!


  2. Goblinbane /

    Well, there is rather nothing to consider. Most people in my kin do not want to go to RP server.

  3. Bunch of us South Africans on here nogal. Can’t recommend our Facebook community enough as a fun and informative bonus addon to the game

  4. This sounds great! One of the main reasons I stopped playing a while back was because when I moved from Europe back to the US I couldn’t move my characters onto US servers and I didn’t feel like starting from scratch. If this is really true that Evernight has players from US timezones I might actually start playing again!

  5. Merryrose Morningsong /

    I am NA on Evernight EU server. Learned that after the fact. But I love it here. There is some roleplaying, lots of emote spams, but lots of friendly people to help with quests/deeds. I constantly run into those with a wonderful sense of humor.

    • Emote spam 🙁 Happens a lot around Bree South Gate.. Trolls will be trolls, alas. But welcome Merryrose.

      • Merryrose Morningsong /

        I admit I am an emoter. Especially when playing with my sister. When 2 hobbits get together, sillyness happens. 🙂

  6. Constantyn /

    What i’m a bit concerned with is the amount of people that will need to transfer to evernight if they don’t want to be on non EN or RP servers. I don’t know if evernight already has problems with lag and so on but with snowbourn being the last server to get the green light to move I wonder if there will even be room left ( the load on evernight isn’t to far of from the already troubled brandywine according to some stats I saw on forums)
    And I don’t really fancy having to wait a hour just to be able to play if I get home after a long days work ( like most people :p)

  7. I know it is a worry for some players that there is a naming policy on Laurelin and that Laurelin is a RP server. Yet, I would like to put those people’s minds at ease with the knowledge that they will surely be made welcome on Laurelin by RPers and non RPers alike, and that there is no need to trouble yourself.

    There are many non-RPers on Laurelin, likely the majority even. As long as you respect the naming policy and respect ongoing RP, I don’t see any issue at all.

    People are welcome to go to Evernight or Laurelin as they wish, just don’t rule out Laurelin merely because it is labelled a RP server. Because if you do, you’ll be missing out on a fantastic community.

  8. Immortan /

    I am NA on Evernight EU server too. LOTRO was my first MMORPG and had no clue what I was doing at the time. Players in the kin I joined Nomad helped me out and it’s been a blast running instances and BB’s. It’s been a little over two years since I started playing and Evernight is my home. Great server and people are always on and willing to help. I know when the first RT’s came out some players not even at lvl came out to give heals, awesome community Evernight has.

  9. Rucagorn /

    Oh thanks for the mention of FOG friend 🙂
    Been a great ride over the last 8 years, glad to see Evernight made it! Sounds we gona have a bright future ahead ;D

    Safe travels in Middle-earth and & all the best!


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