LOTRO Players News Episode 109: Maven’s Rent-a-Hobbit


This week we talk about the server transfer news and have a lot of LOTRO Players news.

Part 1

Part 2

Game News

19 Closing Servers To Be Announced & Transfers Begin On August 3rd

Server Transfer News Reactions – LOTRO Players News

Server Transfer Clarifications

Store Sales

Free Sample of the Week July 31st – August 6th

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  • Milestone Skills
  • Rapid, Hurried and Expedient Traveller
  • Riding Traits
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Summer Festival

  • Now – August 5th

LOTRO Players News

LotRO and Lore: Statues of the Hobbits

Poll: Do You Like the New PvMP Map?

LOTRO Academy: 109 – Mysterious Tour of the Shire

LOTRO Video Highlights: Chickens vs Wolves

Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Stand at Amon Sûl

/Joinchannel LandrovalMusic

Band Stand: Les Beaux Chapeaux – 2 Years Later

I’ll Get By (To Rockfest) With Help From My Friends…

What Makes a Memorable Band?

Small LOTRO Adventures: Episode 22 – Short Stocks

The House of Beorn – The Siege Part 1

Where’s Tinki – Weatherstock 7 Special

Poems of the Pine: The North Downs

This week’s New Player Question is brought to you by “The Vault”.

New Player Question

Metadeeds: What do they consist of and what are the rewards?



  • Almost broke a Fellowship
  • Trained a hobbit
    • kind of
  • Finished the second episode of Middle-earth Lore



  • Finished Murkwaid on my Hunter and gathered all the rangers for the push south.  It’s much faster with port skills.
  • Ran my first Pelargir, full Platinum… sweet ring(S) and a necklace.  Accidentally pulled wife aggro on that one.
  • Finished balewood and thus Wildermore, had camera troubles with Mossbeard.



  • Level Addicts Wednesday! Aratiny is now lvl 52 and about to start Echad Mirobel in Eregion.
  • Worked a tad on my Landroval minstrel – up to lvl 33 (I think) and made a burg … Grimaderps!
  • Last week: ran Helegrod with kinnies (lots of their first times through) & Storm on Methedras lagskraid.



  • First #1: Led my first fellowship which was actually a raid (Helegrod for Mythgard Adventures)
  • First #2: Started playing music (thanks to Teri for the songs), and this could get addictive
  • Since she was in the area (chatting with Bingo and doing summer festival stuff) Glordriel is completing the Shire metadeed. All the pies, and 24 quests away.



  • Landroval burglar Saryssa has developed a gambling addiction in addition to her drinking problem. She also got into a fishslap duel with Karvaran.
  • Hobbit guardian Fauxriadoc Whiskydoe went through much of Book 5 and some of the Misty Mountains quests with Fauxregrin Puttback and Grimadubs
  • Went through all of my alts on the various servers to start thinking about which ones may be moving and where.



  • Gladden Beorning completed the main section of Volume 2.
  • On Landroval, my minstrel helped Legolas and headed to the Misty Mountains.
  • Captain on Arkenstone ran quests in Eastern Gondor.


News Beyond LOTRO

Rent Your Own Hobbit Hole


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