Poems of the Pine: The North Downs


Pinesong on Stage

In this week’s piece, we head into the North Downs to summon a council.

Book 3 – The North Downs

Fornost did fall
To forces from Angmar
That now were near
The North Downs homes.
A council was called
To quickly find
A means to meet
The massing foes.
We called the dwarves
Who dwelt to the north
But they were harried
By threatening foes.
The Dourhands dared
To take Dori away,
‘Til we raided that rabble
To rescue him.
We called the elves
Who cared for the south
There Gildor grieved
For the glade’s wounding.
To stop the orcs
We stalked our foes
‘Til we dealt out death
To Drukodh the foul.
We called the men
Mustered at the bridge
Who fought the orcs
At a frequent rate.
Yet tribes unknown
To Trestlebridge
Did come until
We countered them.
We aided all
The allied folk
So to council they did come.
Can we stop
The stranglehold
Of Angmar, our ancient foe?

Next, we head into the Trollshaws, where we try to learn the fate of one of the Black Riders.

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