Where’s Tinki – Weatherstock 7 Special.


Dear LOTRO Players,

With a heavy heart I have to announce this will be the last “Where’s Tinki” article. It has been fun spotting my yellow-coated friend all over Middle Earth. I wish to thank Tinki personally for her friendship, not only to me but also to people dear to me.

I leave you with a wonderful set of screenshots!

Have fun with this bumper episode of Tinki spotting.

WT 1 WS7

WT 2 WS7

WT 3 WS7

WT 4 WS7

WT 5 WS7

WT 6 WS7

And as this is the last post of this series, here are the answers:

WT Answer 1

WT Answer 2

WT Answer 3

WT Answer 4

WT Answer 5

WT Answer 6

I hope I managed to bring you all a few moments of slight amusement!

Thanks for making this series the success it has been 🙂

Lilikate Buggins.



  1. Wilros /

    Thanks for this series Lilikate, I enjoyed trying to track that elusive Tinki down!

  2. Gennyrose /

    These were always a lot of fun, and I’m sorry to seem them come to an end. A huge thanks to Lilikate and Tinki for doing these!

  3. Rucagorn /

    Cheers for the fun 🙂 Was discussin with a kinnie the Lorien one other day and we had a laugh trying to find ;D

    All the best & safe travels (=


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