Server Transfer Clarifications


After yesterday’s news about server transfers, there have been a few questions that have come up and Vyvyanne took to the forums to answer some of them.

Here are some highlights:

Q. Does the Kinship disband when the Kinleader moves?

A. Yes, it does. This means all messaging to players should be through in-game mail and forums before leaving the world. We can set mail to last longer on the closing worlds (6 months) so that those who log in after the kinleader moves, but before the worlds become unavailable can receive mail on destination target.”

It is a kin transfer, not a copy so this makes since and is very important to know before moving a kin.

Q. Transfer of Reaver (or other Monster characters):

A. You can have multiples of one type in cases of transfer of monster characters. In this case you should find a small drop down arrow next to that monster type that will give you a selection of Reavers (or other types) to choose from.”

This is a good way to handle it and will hopefully prevent some players from making a mistake in the transfer process.

Q. Can I transfer to multiple worlds while in the free transfer period?

A. Yes. There is no limitation to the number of transfers you can do. Once the transfers between the remaining 10 are no longer free, however, you will have to pay to move between them.”

This is also good news in the event a player realizes that all their friends moved to Server A and the player accidentally moved to Server B.

Q. Can you grant more character slots?

A. We are now looking into adding 2 free character slots to all Premium and VIP accounts. We will also have a sale on character slots.”

For the most part these clarifications seem to all be good decisions by the developers.  Players will not have to wait long until the transfers since they begin on August 3rd.

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    Thanks for posting this Andang and yes the way they are doing the kinship thing does make sense 😉

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