Band Stand: Les Beaux Chapeaux – 2 Years Later


Two years ago, on July 2015 on a calm and sunny day in Bree walked a hap-hazzard crew upon the stage. Adorned in quite blusterous hats, stood 6 hobbits, and yes folks, a deft Dwarf. I had the honor of announcing and introducing the debut of Les Beaux Chapeaux. Time has past, and I again approach those who have become a fixture in the music community.

ScreenShot00206I had the opportunity to touch base with LBC as they performed their talented melodies upon the newly built Breeland Fairground Stage, joined by members of the Green Hill Music Society! With fresh stain still woffing through the air. This was a perfect opportunity to see what was new, and how their fame has treated them! Les Beaux Chapeaux at this time composed of Ereylen, Palafoxia, Totiny, Chukkato, Pinoh, Weetribution, and Fincin.

Hey ho! Les Beaux Chapeaux. It has been just over 2 years since our last interview if you remember. I had the honor of introducing you for your first show at your debut in Bree. What an exciting time that was!

Fincin: Indeed! Its been a vury long but fun two years!

Chukkato: not all of us have been here two years

Weetribution: Not me…I’m kind new…

Pinoh: It’s been a whirlwind 7 months for me

How has the musicical fame been treating you?

Palafoxia: Fame?

Chukkato: don’t really notice that, but you do get lots of hellos from folks

Fincin: Oh, we ain’ famous, we’s jus’ fancy hat wearers wit’ lots o friends. Evuryone is vury nice to us!

Totiny: It’s been great at times and bad in others

Weetribution: It’s great to be a small part of such a wonderful band!

Chukkato: lol..Weets is lying again

Palafoxia: hehehe

Fincin: Well, it was bad when the music got borked, and when Mr Tromblon and Mr Bredouille went missing’

Chukkato: aye, we miss them a lot

Palafoxia: Very much so.

Fincin: S’true, vury vury lots

Chukkato: Sauron, or some orc’s gott’em we think

Weetribution: Ok…Fincin pokes us all with sharp sticks if’n we don’t obey

Totiny: aye that’s what i meant fincin

Fincin: *hides her pointy sticks behind her back* Nuh uhs

Chukkato: yep, music being updated, slowed us down.

Chukkato: we all missed the music when it was messed up

Weetribution: and in some ways it still is but we can work around some of it

You formed under the name “Les Beaux Chapeaux”, the Fancy Hats. Its French if I remember right. Do you all still follow the tradition of adorning these lacy and fancy hats during your performances?

Chukkato: hehehe

Palafoxia: I’m not much of a fancy hat hobbit myself….

Palafoxia: I like hats, just not the lacy, feathery kind.

Totiny: very much so the hats our thing

Weetribution: even me?

Chukkato: aye, same, I like normal type hats

Fincin: O course! We love our fancy hats! Its who we are!

Pinoh: that’s the dard thing for me to get used to. Wearing hats all the time

Pinoh: hard*

Palafoxia: Feathery hats tend to fall off if you should need to suddenly fight something.

Weetribution: Makes my hair thin out

Chukkato: “Looks under weet’s hat” you have no hair

Palafoxia: Oh! That’s why you have so many feathers.

Weetribution: On my back

Fincin: mostly on his knuckles and back but yeah

It has been a long road. From performing your own concerts to joining others with thiers. What do you feel has been the biggest learning curve for keeping a band going for so long?

Weetribution: Coffee

Palafoxia: Patience

Palafoxia: And lots of Finny love.

Fincin: oooh…I don’t think there really has been. Most o us come from other very good bands. I think we jus’ do….we don’ think so much since it comes natural anymore

Chukkato: aye, with each other..hehe, cuase you need to

Pinoh: and bunnies

Chukkato: we have all learned lots about bunnies..”sighs”

Weetribution: pointed sticks

Fincin: Ooh, yup…bunnys! Bunnys and fancy hats is our secret!

Palafoxia: Yup… You can eat coneys, but not bunnies.

Palafoxia: …still trying to tell the difference though…

Totiny: loyalty. I came to LBC offering nothing. and trom and fin believed in me. i gave it my all.

Fincin, the last interviewed I asked if you planned to perform at Winterstock and Weatherstock, and you said, I quote “we don’ competeses withs songs. We jus’ shares an has fun'”, Has this changed have you been or will we see you performing at either one of them?

Fincin: Nope, nothin has changed, we still won’ competes wit’ nobody! Music isn’t bouts competin…its bout sharin a love fer song

Weetribution: My band and I guested with the LBC and they have become family to me…a warped and disgruntled family

Chukkato: yep

Fincin: We do plan on playing at Winterstock since we love it vury much, its one o the best times anyone can ask for

Chukkato: and then we sucked Weets into the vortex of the LBC

With tonight’s performance, while it has been a time since I have seen you last perform, I notice the absence of two of the founding members, Tromblon and Bredouille. They off causing trouble somewhere? Or run off and become Hat lint inspectors for some fancy Elf?

Fincin: We ain’ really all grunty like Weet tells it, truth is, we all get along really nicely an that is part o what makes being us so easy

Weetribution: I’m very proud to have a fancy hat…makes me look presentable

Fincin: well…let me tell ya

Totiny: well ..

Palafoxia: Finny has sent her tracker bunnies off to search for them, but theyve seen no hide nor hare.

Fincin: A while back, Mr Tromblon and Mr Bredouille seen a pony pulling a cart of pies

Chukkato: We’re not sure, we got a couple worn faded letters from them

Fincin: They started to follow it and I think they mus’ o gits’ lost cuz we ain’ seens them since

Weetribution: we’s hopin they can finds their way back

Chukkato: we’re actually hoping to see a return one day

Palafoxia: Yup!

Fincin: we hope every night they find their way back to us, we even leave pies out on the porch in case they do return

Where can those who have yet to enjoy your talented music find you nowadays performing?

Weetribution: Vegas

Palafoxia: Right here at the Festival Ground Stage.

Chukkato: coming up…Rockfest

Chukkato: and then our usual every 2nd Sunday

Fincin: Yup, here at the big stage in the Fairgrounds, we likes it here an folks likes it here so we’s making this home

Fincin: well, truth be told, every other sunday night

Fincin: at 9pm (/servertime) (advertised by the good folks at

If anyone were to want to get a hold of you to find out when else you are playing, or to have you perform at a special event, what would be the best way?’

Chukkato: Fincin! talk to her or any of us

Weetribution: Telepathy

Chukkato: cept Weets

Weetribution: lol

Palafoxia: Yeah. Cause he’s weird.

Weetribution: Wha?

Fincin: Yup, sends me a letter in the mail, or whisper to me, or jus’ come up an chat wit’ me

Palafoxia: You are!

Weetribution: maybe a little

Could each of you take a turn, tell me who you are, and your favorite instrument?

Palafoxia: Palafoxia, and I play the Theorbo.

Chukkato: I play the bagpipes

Totiny: i am totiny. i love the flute

Weetribution: Weetribution and I like the pipes

Pinoh: Pinoh no favorite as long as it’s not pibgorn

Chukkato: Chukkato, i play the javelin..i mean bagpipes

Fincin: I am Fincin Elodie Halwende the Only! An I like anything tha’ isn’t the piggyhorn, but my favorite is the Lute o Ages since its bes’ fer solos too

Chukkato: i’m liking that new harp tho, you guys used it well in the show tonight

Does that make Weetribution the residant deaf dwarf?

Palafoxia: Unfortunately, he’s not deaf.

Chukkato: hears everythign we say about him

Fincin: Weets a dwarf? I thought he was jus’ a fat hobbit wha’ ate to many pies

Weetribution: they tattoo it on my back

Chukkato: Truthfully, he rocks like no dwarf I know, cept maybe Zedrock

Weetribution: Thankees

Fincin: Weet has more talent than he is given credit for, anyone who doesn’t believe that, needs to go see DisEnchanted play!

Chukkato: aye, Miss Pinoh, brings class, Weets…unclass

With everything said and done, what is your best experience you have taken from all this fun?

Weetribution: meeting me!

Chukkato: meeting a lot of like minded folks

Fincin: never be afraid to ask questions, never git nervous, cuz its jus’ about havin fun, and always, always, try to have fun

Palafoxia: Working with some wonderfully talented music folks.

Weetribution: It’s a big family

Chukkato: yep, what Fincin said…ask someone, don’t get frustrated

Totiny: dont be afriad. play what you make

Fincin: One of the things we like to offer is mentoring, tutoring, and help test songs wit’ folks tha’ don’ have nuff people to help them, so our door is always open, even if a bit busy some times

Palafoxia: But don’t ask in French. Despite our name, I don’t speak it.

Excellent! I would like to thank you all for taking the time for me to talk to you. I am glad you have done so well, and look forward to future great performances!

Fincin: We are vury happy you thinked highly nuff to wanna talks to us!

Totiny: 🙂

Palafoxia: Thanks!

Weetribution: 🙂

Chukkato: yeah, we’re very flattered hehe, all nervous , liek our first show with lbc

Fincin: Thank you for taking time to talk with us and to put us in your report!

You can see  every other Sunday at the Breeland Fairgrounds Stage at 9pm /servertime, with a new guest each week.

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