LOTRO Players News Episode 108: That Murder Thing


This week we talk about Bingo Boffin and Weatherstock!

Game News

A Year of Weekly Quests – Bingo Boffin Dev Diary

Bingo Boffin Brings Graphics Updates?

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Free Sample Of The Week July 24th – 30th

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LOTRO Players News

Poll: What Do You Want Added Most To LOTRO?

LotRO and Lore: The Real Bird and Baby

Small LOTRO Adventures: Meeting Bingo

The House of Beorn – Wrath and Ruin

LOTRO Video Highlights: Weatherstock 2012

Weatherstock VII Entire Stream Archive

Poems of the Pine: The Red Pass

The Family Line Part 57 – In the Wake of the Retaking

Brax’s memorial pick of the week:  http://lotrproject.com/quotes/


This week’s New Player Question is brought to you by Handy Hobbits Hauling:

New Player Question

What’s up with fishing? Are there any deeds related to it? Is it possible to catch good swag as your ability levels up?



  • Made my first non-man character I actually plan to level for the Bingo Boffin story
    • A hobbit mini
  • Streamed all of Weatherstock VII
  • Announced Middle-earth Lore Episode 1 will release on August 3rd
    • Filmed a lot of Ep. 2 stuff



  • A week  of firsts:
    • First summer festival, fishing, fishing, fishing and winning races
    • First Weatherstock
    • First cosmetic weapon (a shield as big as my hobbit warden)
  • Played well with others in Sarnur (and another first!)
  • A verrrry interesting skirmish with Andang and Teri’s burg, with my captain disguised as just another Bree dude (and no soldier)



  • Finished Hytbold finally – Murder was the key
  • More Moria skirmishes AND Forgotten Treasury with Karv & Co
  • Rolled a Mini to join my Beorning on Gladden



  • New dwarf champion on Landroval, Axli, is up to level 20. Finished Ered Luin and Shire meta-deeds.
  • Arkenstone!Teri made it to Kindred with Thorin’s Hall and now has a goat, prepped for Moria, yay.
  • Skirmishing with Andang and Maven to record Bree stuff for the Lore series.



  • Beorning escorted a certain orc through a spider-infested forest and attempted a prisoner exchange.
  • My challenge character helped Radagast and reached level 30.
  • Ran the Trollshaws with a Landroval minstrel.

News Beyond LOTRO

Even Orcs Know Who To Call – HISHE – Brotherhood Workshop

Skirmish of the Week

Topic: What are the pros and cons of the transformation of Theoden? (from Saruman’s control)



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Featured Comments

Branick left a comment on this week’s poll:

“A new housing system where you buy a plot of land and a blueprint to build the house of your choice. New blueprints are great items for the LOTRO Store. The ability to buy crafting facilities and hire NPCs (provisioners, vaultkeepers, auctioneers etc.) to use at the house. I would also like to see the cost of housing storage drastically reduced, back to the prices before the housing chests were merged.”


Glambold writes:

“I have been doing a lot of Skirmishes, nowhere in the league of Pineleaf, but am doing these on my Level 100 Captain, at Tier 2 and always duo Skirms but I solo them.

After the latest patch, I seem to be getting very different lieutenants than before the patch, could Pineleaf check on this?

I am now getting very different and much harder lieutenants, Priestess of Flame, Frigid Squall, and Priest of Vengeance, never got these in the 20 or 30 Skirms I ran before the update.



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One comment

  1. Anyone remember when you could purchase bait to boost your fishing stat? Pre-Moria days
    I think the best bait would give +5 fishing and would last 10 minutes.
    There was worms, minnows and two others.

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