Poems of the Pine: The Red Pass


Pinesong on Stage

In this week’s piece, we aid Radagast in cleansing the Red Swamp.

Book 2 – The Red Pass

To Radagast
We rode in haste
And found him worried
About wights in the swamp.
There Gaunt men grew
A graveborn army
That aimed to destroy
Ost Guruth.
Deeper we delved
Into the dim shadows
Where Nature cringed
From the nauseous foes.
The trees were turned
Into terrible foes
While wights did watch
The way we sought.
We found our foe
The fell Ivar
The bloody hand of the bog.
Ivar and wizard
Waged a battle
‘Til the lord of the gaunt did leave.

Next time, we head into the North Downs.
Pineleaf Needles

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