A Year of Weekly Quests – Bingo Boffin Dev Diary


MadeOfLions recently wrote a Developer Diary about the new Bingo Boffin episodic quests coming to LOTRO.

The post mentions that there will be a new quest every week for a year.  It even clarifies that it is 52 weeks of quests.  This is far more rapid and far longer than I expected this series to be and I find it really exciting.

BingoThe diary continues on talking about how they made new tech to allow this content to release without taking down the servers for an update. This is also really good news as weekly server updates would get old fast.

The article says the quests start at level 8 in Michel Delving and will increase gradually, allowing players to level between weeks.

Also if you miss a week, the quests will still be there.  You can even start them after all the episodes have been released.

The best part?  All of the quests are free.

This info has actually made me far more excited for this content than I was before and it starts Wednesday so there is not too much time until release.

Lastly I would like to point out that MadeOfLions seems to think LOTRO will be around for at least a year since there are 52 weeks of quests.

All around this is only good news for the game and its players.



  1. Draculetta /

    I’m shocked they are doing these for free.. and not making F2P/Prem buy them…

    • Andang /

      My guess is because it is MadeOfLions doing it so it is like the Epic in their mind or something.

      Also it might be hard to monetize with just a quest per week.

  2. I think its awesome and it is already succeeding in getting me back into the Shire on Laurelin…hop along Opopa…new stuff to motivate you outta the Bird n Baby! Will be hoping its quite busy when I get there. 🙂

  3. Was it just me or was that dev diary more about why they are doing it more than the actual content itself? Be interesting to see how it plays out. I’m all for content that keeps folks logging in.

  4. Berenthalion /

    I wonder how much of it is made already, and how reactive they can be with the storyline

  5. And I am still checking LOTRO forums after hobbit mail didn’t arrive this morning…must be good this Bingo thing to get me checking LOTRO forums again!

  6. Rucagorn /

    Great reading! Loving this new story quest and I think weekly storylines are an amazing idea!
    The way he explained and so with real life situations was vnice. Looking forward for wednesday for “3rd chapter”! “We are going on an adventure!!!”


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