Poll: What Do You Want Added Most To LOTRO?


What do you want added most to LOTRO?

What do you want added most to LOTRO?

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  1. Auto-leveling to 100 if you already have eight toons at the cap.

    • Baldigar Stumblefoot /

      Would be nice, considering I have that many, but any reason why 8 specifically?

  2. I’d like new raids. Why isn’t that an option?

  3. josh /

    Scaled the old instances ie isengard, moria, anger etc

  4. Baldigar Stumblefoot /

    I suppose this could count as a new system, but I put it in other.

    I really want improved storage systems that save space and are account-wide. Specifically a crafting bank and infinite wardrobe skin space. I have been spoiled for both of these from Guild Wars 2, but they would be fantastic additions for me and would make inventory management way easier (I have 10+ vault alts, all nearly full, as well as tons of houses for extra storage, and transferring all of my stuff from my 11+ main characters to vault alts and vice versa is extremely painful).

    My second preference, aside from just continued landscape development (which is expected IMO) would be more/improved housing, preferably in the form of personal instances. Personal instances should be a lot easier to add and would offer great new options for players without taking a ton of development time. Plus they could add a lot of unique features and more hooks to each one.

  5. Peggy Basinger /

    None of the above, exactly. NOT a new crafting tier until tier 9 actually HAS level 100 recipes for more than LI’s. I have been asking for this for many months.

  6. Teriadwyn /

    The housing revamp that was cancelled however long ago.

  7. Evin /

    Better Kinship functions e.g. listing of who joined/left or was promoted/demoted or accessed kin house and when.
    An in-game calendar for events, preferably also accessible outside the game, but in would be sufficient.
    Allied kins. Specifically a chat channel that all members are *automatically* signed up for (opt out possible), the ability to see who’s online in the allied kins, and the calendar shareable between them.

  8. Elahedor /

    I would really like a system to auto-complete slayer deeds. If you have completed a slayer deed on one toon on a server, you should have the option to auto-complete it on others. The exceptions would be instance slayer deeds (like carn dum or the moria instances) and any hidden deeds. Of course, if you auto-complete a deed, you DO NOT get TP.

    • Berenthalion /

      This is a great idea and balances the need of those with multiple alts facing a relentless grind with those who want/need to earn TP. you should make a suggestion in the official forums

  9. Gnagerwine /

    I’d like a system for scaling your level down to fit lower leveled content, maybe with a way to get rewards suitable for your actual level.

  10. “Other” = flying mounts! Damn, it’s about time. Let’s fly finally! Eagles, dragons and more…

  11. Turbine promised to revamp housing system… Want it so much!

  12. A new housing system where you buy a plot of land and a blueprint to build the house of your choice. New blueprints are great items for the LOTRO Store. The ability to buy crafting facilities and hire NPCs (provisioners, vaultkeepers, auctioneers etc.) to use at the house. I would also like to see the cost of housing storage drastically reduced, back to the prices before the housing chests were merged.

    • That’s a sweet idea! I remember getting my first house. I was excited for about a month. Havent really cared since! The blueprint aspect would do really well in the LOTRO store!

  13. Adding an Officer only option to the kinship mail system.

  14. I go with Branick! I think it’s nice all that new PvMP, raid stuff… for others. I couldn’t care less. Turbine should do more for roleplayers. And a good housing system would really add to that! Stables for my mounts, random placeable furniture, MORE furniture. Plus: stables to all homesteads in major cities (and back)!

  15. Immortan /

    I voted for a new crafting tier because it’s insane to me that in Gondor we are collecting the same materials. I would love a new skirmish as well and we really need a instance in Rohan. It doesn’t even need to be a mounted combat instance just something would be nice and scaling of course.

  16. I’m hoping for a new housing system! At the very least, some new wall and floor textures, Gondor furniture fix, swift travel to/from homesteads, and seating options (table w/chairs, etc).

  17. Crafting as a whole just needs a revamp. New crafting tier, and possibly removing the professions system (though this could make the existing UI rather unweildy). I realize that the professions system was supposed to stimulate the in-game economy, but on Dwarrowdelf it just seems bloated.

  18. Housing update, complete with new area for Condos in Caras Galadhon

  19. Lol, I was going to comment about the housing system, but it appears at least 5 ppl also touched in the subject. I would really like to see a new housing system as well as whole different housing neighboorhoods destined for kinships only. I think about those neighboorhoods being much like Hytbold where a kinship would have to earn some items to trade for new buildings and/or NPCs to put in the neighboorhood. Places like AH, Crafting Hall, Guilds, Museum (Just a place to fill decoration for collectors that have more decoration items than they can use), Storage house(A house for chests), Stables(Where some members’s steeds would be displayed), Training camp, Playground for spars, etc. Even new stuff like a “Task Board”(Where kin members would post an item that they want and that would create a quest in the task board where any kin member could post that item and turn in the quest, receiving any rewards that the kin member who posted the task offered and then he would receive the item he asked for after the quest was turned in by a kin member).
    Also one thing I would like to see happen is a revamp on the essence system by creating another system that would support the already existing essence system, while at the same time making alterations in the essence system as we know it now. I already have it in mind how it would work and hope to share in the forums or privately with some devs. I can say it is a great idea though and that many ppl would love it.

  20. anautuk /

    a revamp of the housing system

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